SNIFFING PANTIES ? is that normal !

Discussion in 'Real Kinky' started by ap_crazy_guy, Apr 7, 2013.

  1. ap_crazy_guy

    ap_crazy_guy Guest

    Hi all,
    This may be weird but today i would like to confess that i like to sniff panties of my girlfriends (friends who are girls) ..

    Right from my childhood i was a big fan of girls panties..
    The flowers designed on it <3 + white color panty would just make me erotic.
    Just loved the way they were designed...i also like to rub my dick on it
    now i am 21 and i like to sniff panties...whenever i go to friends place i visit washroom and start sniffing panties (washed ones) .never got a chance to sniff used once...i just like to see the structure of those and imagine the way my friends would look in it...

    just want to know why is this kind of weirdness ?
    is anyone having such tendency here ?
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  2. I once said to a boyfriend that he had to chose between my love and enlisting in the military. He choose the military.

    But I really really loved the man (still do) and I slept with his boxers for about a month after the break up. (I hope he's happy in Afghanistan)
  3. louis7

    louis7 Guest

    Nothing weird about it, if it turns you on go for it. My wife and I often smell each others underwear, especially ones with cum on them! ;-)
  4. Lady-Lover

    Lady-Lover Member

    Go for it.
  5. Stomped

    Stomped Member

    I also did it for a several times. Just before the intercourse when my girlfriend gets undressed she sometimes goes to a bathroom, so at this moment I have a chance to take her panties and sniff it until she comes out.
  6. sunfighter

    sunfighter Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    There is no such thing as "normal".
  7. nz male

    nz male Senior Member

    Have sniffed my wife's underwear sometimes but worse if you find skid marks in them - then you decide thats not good to think about sniffing then.
  8. BuryMeInSmoke

    BuryMeInSmoke Member

    It's the gift that keeps on giving so knock yourself out.
  9. shaneuk

    shaneuk Guest

    I love sniffing my girls panties. Not sure she'd like it if she knew, but my God it turns me on. I like to close my eyes and picture some of the steamy romps we've had and give it a little bit of tongue as well. Tastes lovely :)
  10. Yes I agree. If it turns you on when sniffing a girls pair of panties, then its ok to do it. I know when i took my girlfriends panties i would sniff them & then get a hard on. then i would put her wet panty against my cock and start to masturbate in them. Soon i was shooting a good load of cum onto the panties. I loved it. I always had a good hard cock for her when ever we had sex. I even would wear her panties to bed when having sex. She loved it. Today I still wear panties and yes i do sniff them and i also jerk off in them too.
    I love panties and i enjoy wearing panties. So go head and sniff her panties and jerk off in them, you will enjoy it.
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  11. jackinboyaus

    jackinboyaus Guest

    I've been sniffing and wearing panties since I was about 13. Sisters. .. neices....wifes... but most of all I like cumming in a nice juicy pair of my sister in laws...mmmmm the musky sweet scent gets me going everytime
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  12. I'minmyunderwear

    I'minmyunderwear voice of sexy

    just don't do it while they're wearing them.
  13. peediedj

    peediedj Guest

    never sniffed them but worn them a few times whilst masterbating
  14. MochaMood

    MochaMood Member

    It's not okay to rub your dick on my clean panties without permission, and I project your female friends agree with me. Frankly, if were not fucking on a regular basis, don't rifle in my stuff to randomly get off in my home.

    The desire isn't weird, just acting on it without permission is a violation of your friendships.
  15. Shale

    Shale ~

    It is a common fetish. I am really into natural body odors and particularly like to explore used panties of female acquaintances when I have the opportunity. The surreptitiousness makes it more exciting, tho I have never left any of my DNA on them.

    However, writing erotica is another matter. Here is an excerpt from my erotic piece titled The Panties from 1989:

    "Then, one day when I was at home alone with sexual desires to abate, and without a partner to share my lust, I took a fetish of the young woman from the dirty laundry. Her black silken panties from the day before were exciting to the eye, with their see through lacy side strap. More intimate though was the crotch which had been in direct contact with her moist slit, and had dried, leaving a stiffened impression of her lips, and even a protruding spot where they had pressed against her clit.

    I turned to the white cotton liner inside. In the front it was stained pale yellow from the drops of urine. The secretions from her vagina had left a stiff white smear on the surface of the cloth. This merged with the pale brown streaks in the back, the rubbings of her anus. I saw one lone pubic hair curled into the fabric as I brought it to my face, feeling an intimacy with the young woman through the proxy of this garment which had touched her so closely.

    The sweet smell of it was unbelievably exciting. It was a map of her crotch that my nose could trace. The outer edges smelled of sweat and the sweetness of apocrine, and toward the middle, still surprisingly sweet, the dried urine was more volatile, with a trace of ammonia penetrating deep into my nostrils. My excitement let me momentarily enjoy the sour smell of the brown streaks, before returning my nose to deeply savor the dried essence left by the young woman's vagina. Inhaling deeply, I could almost feel the crystaline particles that were once a fluid part of her body, enter my nostrils. They lodged along my moist membranes and took new life, remaining with me long after my nose was removed from the panties.

    Needless to say, throughout this reverie my penis was engorged and dripping viscous fluid in some quantity. I placed the head of my penis on the yellow stain and wrapped the panties and my fingers around it. Still savoring the intoxicating odors that remained in my nose, I stroked but a few moments before releasing my own fluids where hers once had been."
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  16. z. beeblebrox

    z. beeblebrox Member

    My girlfriend left panties at my place once, and for some reason when I picked them up they turned me on. I was texting with her (I was home and had the day off work) and told her I was holding them for ransom. She said she didn't negotiate with terrorists, and I could do what I please with them. Long story short, at her request, I ended up taking a few photos with me jacking off with them, sliding them around my cock and balls. Eventually cumming on them. It was hot for both of us. Though she was stuck at work for a few more hours and had to endure only having photos until she could get off to come to my place :D
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  17. Guitar-Guy

    Guitar-Guy Member

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  18. Running Man

    Running Man Guardian

    I too get very turned on sniffing my wife's panties and see nothing weird at all in enjoying the lovely, sensual aroma of a woman's pussy.

    It's only a few months since I admitted, during some dirty talk with my wife, that I enjoyed sniffing her panties. Not only was she not surprised, she said that she had suspected for a while that I enjoyed doing that and often left her worn panties on the bedroom floor, easily accessible for me to have a good sniff!

    Further to this, I've even cleaned my wife up with her panties, after I've sprayed my cum onto her thighs and pussy, and gone back to work with the wet panties in my pocket, so that I could enjoy the aroma all afternoon.

    Normal? What IS normal???
  19. nz male

    nz male Senior Member

    It depends how long they have been sitting since she's taken them off.
    If they have just been taken off, there's usually some wetness in them. If they've been left overnight, then it's dried up & wont smell as nice.

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