Smoking friendly hotels in the Led.

Discussion in 'Amsterdam' started by Eden, Jan 30, 2005.

  1. Eden

    Eden Member

    Hello, I'm planning a trip for May, and i was wondering if anyone knew of any smoking friendly hotels in the Led. district that have private bathrooms? Are all hotels smoker friendly?(weed)
  2. F Z

    F Z Member

    The Abba on Overtoom has single rooms for 25-30 E /ngt (B'fast inc.!!!!)

    Just outta the Led district but a very decent place to stay.

    This is for a single room with shared bathrooms but smokin is encouraged..LOL and there is no cerfew.

    Good luck and enjoy your trip

    Waiting for the 3RD week of Feb myself!!!!![​IMG]
  3. Griffster

    Griffster Member

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