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    Here's a rare one, copywrite 1971..."A heavy duty compendium of fables, lore and hot dope tales, from America's only rolling newspaper." ....that used to be Rolling Stone.

    Hunter S. Thompson is supposed to be in here with an excerpt from Fear and Loathing, but he's not listed other than on the copywrite page.

    Outa print now and it seems only a few on the web.
    Mine still has the Rolling Stone Goods Catalogue in it. 28 items.
    Three Gregg Allman shirts: $8.74 to $6.74 each
    A Dylan Classic T: $5.74
    McCartney classic T: $5.74
    Dylan or McCartney Athletic style: $9.74
    2 Rolling Stone Logo Ts $6.74 each
    Rolling Stone Canvas bag $4.74
    Library case? $4.70
    Allman, McCartney, Dylan, Jagger, or Kristofferson poster $3.74 each
    Bound Rolling Stone vols 6 thru 13 $10.00 to $20.00 dollars each (wonder what they're worth now?)
    James Dean: The Mutant King? $10.70
    Hollywood Babylon? $15.70
    A History of Underground Comics: $10.70
    The Firesign Theator's Big Mystery Joke Book $6.70

    I can handle those prices!!!

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