Smoke it in the shower!

Discussion in 'Salvia Divinorum' started by BudToker, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. BudToker

    BudToker Senior Member

    I just smoked salvia and weed (but mostly salvia) in the shower and it was amazing! For serious. Except don't use soap, soap irrtated my skin. And make sure you don't drown, I was like a turkey staring in the rain lol.

    Oh and just to share about the first 20 times I did Salvia (all first 20 were in 1 week): I was in a world were everything was smiling and everything was made of grillz (like the fake teeth rappers wear). I saw little purple aliens. And I saw a TV show on a TV that wasn't even in the garage with us.

    P.S. I am still trippin balls (even though i smoked a good 20 minutes ago), so sorry if it don't make sense.
  2. otb01

    otb01 Member

    I'd be too worried about dropping it and getting it all wet or getting it wet from the shower otherwise. Plus, I have a feeling that the shower steam + the heat from the salvia might make me pass out from overheating. Good idea but I don't feel as though I would want to try it.
  3. BudToker

    BudToker Senior Member

    I actually meant smoke it before u get in the shower and then take a shower. I swear to god it is amazing and u will thank me. If your worried about the heat then you can take a colder shower and make sure your bathroom door is open so the steam goes out.
  4. otb01

    otb01 Member

    Oh, now that you say that, good idea! I thought that you meant in the shower lol
  5. dacre4

    dacre4 Member

    TBH i think that if i tried to do this, i think that i would plan to do it, and then after i smoke it, i would completely forget that i was about to take a shower, and even if i did remember, i wouldnt be able to figure out how to work the shower. I guarantee this would happen to me.

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