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Discussion in 'Amsterdam' started by smiley420, Jan 8, 2005.

  1. smiley420

    smiley420 Member

    hey everybody there is alot of ppl goin' to Amsterdam around FEB.-MARCH how about we all get together 4 a big smoke down? i've been readin' a lot of good thing's about the "amnesia" lot's of ppl recomended the place. so let's all meet there and make a hugh let's say on the 10th of MARCH?4:19 pm? sound good to everybody? till then PEACE
  2. F Z

    F Z Member

    If there is enough response I could up my plans till March....I'd be in!!!!!


    I'm there on the 10th of February but not 10th March.
  4. marcus

    marcus Member

    I'll be there from March 9th to the 14th. I don't know where i'm going to stay yet, or what I'm going to do.
  5. beezwax

    beezwax Member

    lol i was going to be going from march 1 to march 7th =(


    Thought I would knock this thread up to see if any new people are going this time.
  7. marcus

    marcus Member

    Ill be there march 9th-14th!
  8. WE1

    WE1 Member

    Its Febuary 3rd thru the 15th for me...:sunglasse
  9. USCpisces

    USCpisces Member

    I'll be there March 18-20... not sure if I can handle more than 2 days in that city. Any amazing places that I should visit?? Any suggestions on cheap hotels (not hostels) to stay in?

    - Ashleigh
  10. beezwax

    beezwax Member

    im looking forward to going in march if anyone wants to meet up, ive never been to a'dam and im traveling alone, probably just gonna stay in a hotel like the quentin or something

    pm me
  11. Upgrade1978

    Upgrade1978 Member

    I will be in Amsterdam March 13-20, taking a well deserved vacation. This will be my third time in the city since my study abroad program in 2000. Coffeeshop De Kroon is a great place to chill - actually that will be my first stop. I purchased a T-Shirt just to keep the shop in mind (since most of coffeshops I forgot about). Amsterdam is a great place, enjoy the chocolate covered waffles.
  12. Smoky_K

    Smoky_K Member

    I going 23feb for a few days. cant wait less the 20 days now (yeeeaaaaahhhhh)

    If anyone wants to join me and smoke the beautiful green herb you are welcome
    just give me a shout

  13. USCpisces

    USCpisces Member


    I am going March 18-20 as well, but for the first time.... I was wondering if you have any other cofeeshops in mind that are worth payin a visit.... or any tite museums/places that will make my trip even more badass??
    I am definitely going ot hit up the Kroon tho, thanx.

    - Ashleigh

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