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Discussion in 'Parenting' started by Tamee, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Tamee

    Tamee naked

    so I've got this sling that I've used three times. it's just basically a few yards of fabric that I tie on across my shoulder like a sash. I know a lot of you moms have this and love it, but I'm having troubles. it seems I've got it on as tight as possible, and yet Abryn still slides down to the point it's impossible to nurse and I can tell it sometimes makes her uncomfortable. when I do get her in the right position, she's just to the point of being too small so that when she nurses, the nipple gets pulled down and kinda hurts. I think it might be just that my boobs are too small. we'll start off to the park in a good position, but by the time I'm around to walking back home, I end up having to hold her the whole way if she wants to nurse. also, the thing slowly slides off my shoulder... it's just frustrating because I would love to be able to use this thing all the time completely comfortably.
  2. JayzzMama

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    You should get a Moby wrap! They're fabulous and not to 'spensive! (thirty sumthin dollars online) I LOVED mine when Jim was tiny.
  3. rainbow

    rainbow Member

    whatever you do DONT get a over the shoulder baby holder~it was too expensive and i found it really uncomfortable~it was much too bulky!
  4. mamaboogie

    mamaboogie anarchist

  5. Tamee

    Tamee naked

    well I've got a ring sling that was given to me that I just threw under the bed and decided to never use because I think it's ugly lol. but I'll pull it out and see what I can do. I just remembered I had it.
  6. mamaboogie

    mamaboogie anarchist

    what kind of sling is it? I really hated my sling that has padded rails and a closed tail. Never could position baby correctly, and it hurt my back. A flat piece of fabric (2.5 yards long) and two rings works much better.
  7. FallenFairy

    FallenFairy Senior Member

    i just found my sling that i had since aiden was born and i never used it cuz aiden really didnt like being in it when he was a baby. Yesterday i put him in it for a couple minutes and he absolutely loved it. my sling is the big chunky one with padded rails but as i break it in i am sure that the bulkiness will go down. Also i find it to be comforting to know that aden has a little something to lean on when he is tired.
  8. Is this the new wrap that you made or the one with the weird fabric? A cotton wrap should not slip. I cannot nurse for the life of me in a sling so I can't help you there. I wonder if your tieing it correctly. Can you describe what you're doing?
  9. smiling_mama

    smiling_mama Member

    try this website there are videos that show how to use many different kinds of slings. it even shows how to make some wraps. I use a wrap (like a moby, ellaroo, or didymos) that is my fav sling. I also like pouches, but I don't lik ring slings. Try a couple different kinds, every's bodies work better with different kinds of slings.

    PS on that website it shows how to make a wrap with NO SEWING! it looks really easy!
  10. Is this the new wrap that you made or the one with the weird fabric? A cotton wrap should not slip. I cannot nurse for the life of me in a sling so I can't help you there. I wonder if your tieing it correctly. Can you describe what you're doing?
  11. Tamee

    Tamee naked

    That's exactly what I've got. it's just the fabric that I thought was ugly. but now I don't seem to think so anymore. huh...
    it's the wrap I made. it's cotton and it doesn't really slip that you can notice, but after you've been wearing it for awhile all of a sudden you notice that it's almost off your shoulder. maybe that happens just from moving my arm around... the knot I use is the two half hitch one (you know, the one you can use that will move to tighten or loosen the sling)

    What's a cumberbund?
  12. jgirl

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    I want this sling so bad. I was checking it out last night and it really does seem great and not too expensive. I was debating between the moby wrap and the hotsling and I'm going to try to plan to get both, but the moby for sure!! I'm glad I found someone who really likes it.
  13. Tamee

    Tamee naked

    the moby looks just like a wrap to me. what's the difference?
  14. stormyy

    stormyy Member

    I like the ring slings from I just got a duponi silk one for $35 on the FSOT board on The shoulder is sooo comfy and I usually hate one shoulder carriers.

    The moby is a wraparound carrier made out of a stretchy jersey material. They are good for tiny babies but tend to sag once the babe hits 15lbs or so. My first wrap was a Hot Mama wrap. Itas made out of a hemp/cotton blend and it's got a little give-way less than a moby. I had a hard time nursing in it until I found the "using your carrier" board on That site has been a huge help.
  15. Tamee

    Tamee naked

    thanks I'm gonna get on that board!

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