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  1. I'm just curious as to wear I can find beautiful long skirts. I love wearing them, I feel so feminine and pretty and I love how it moves and sways when I dance. However, I can't seem to find anything around wear I live, I have a store called Sunshine Daydream that I will occasionally buy skirts from, but they are so pricey. I've also bought skirts off of ebay but the ones that I seem to like all come from India and that comes with an expensive shipping price!!!!! Also I know festivals are good places to buy them, but right now it's winter so no festivals are going on! I don't like skirts that are too fluffy and frou frou though, I always trip on them if I wear them, I just like long straight skirts, but beautiful patterns and silks are some of my favorites! Alright , now I am just rambling, anyways, any help would be appreciated!!!
    Oh!!! also, while I'm at it i love open back, interesting shirts, but never have any luck finding any of those either! and crochet halter tops, perfect for festivals and shows in the hot summer heat! Anyways, any help would be very very very very very much appreciated!!!

    <333 to all!
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    it depends on what style specifically, but most skirts can be made far easier than the effort it takes to pay those insane prices. i will recommend practicing on muslin, or a cheap fabric with a similar texture to what you want in the skirt. i luck out because i like fabrics no one else does, so i can find them 30-50- 70 % off. get a cheap sewing machine, you may have to wait for one to be on sale. you need straight stitch and a zigzag (my $99 newhome is still chugging away, but she has a temper. shes got 3 lengths of straight stitches, and 3 sizes of zigzag, plus buttonhole, which is of course, a glorified zigzag. shes been with me since the beginning, i was 16)

    your long swaying skirt can most easily be made in a gathered fashion. this requires enough fabric to make the bottom as flowy as you want it. it also reqires that you not care about waistline bulginess. those gathers can be a pain. plus side- can also be worn as a dress/ top, with a wide belt. i have several, and i wore them that way in the summer when i was pregnant. uber comfy.
    the other option, though slightly tougher, is a circle skirt. this doesn't give you the vertical texture, but it does not have to have gathers. it is primarily a fitted waist, with an overlap or a zipper to keep it on. i make my circle skirts with extra room at the top, because i like them that way. circle skirts have more volume by your feet.

    maybe tomorrow i'll doodle up some directions, but now i need sleep ;)
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  5. Gee Daisymae..those are some great links. I meant to just browse the hipforums while I ate dinner, but after reading this thread I was sent on a loop of crafty links lasting 2 hours! much to ogle at and create, so little time!

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