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Discussion in 'Bare It!' started by kingmurpheus, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. kingmurpheus

    kingmurpheus Member

    Alright, ive had the major urge to get a bunch of friends together and go skinny dipping. The only problem is, everyone is too scared. No one will enjoy nature for what it is. They use clothing as barriers, and i just dont understand it. (yeah, that may sound weird, but my friend morgan said that clothing is a barrier).

    I dunno tho, i honestly cant see why anyone would be so scared. Anyway, its at night, so if you are really that scared of someone seeing you, they most likely wont cause its pitch black out.

    eh, i dont remember where im goin with this, i just wanted to give my thoughts about the subject

  2. NudistMike07

    NudistMike07 Member

    Just tell them that its at night so nobody will see them and if they dont wanna do it naked they dont have to but they should at least come with you so they can spend time with you and they'll at least know they can join in and go skinnydipping if they want to.
  3. I can totally relate to this. And its silly because skinny dipping is generally one of those few things people feel comfortable doing naked, but there's still all this apprehension. I think it's just a mental block, an addiction to clothes if you will.
    Why not just invite people to go night swimming then go naked yourself. A positive example might inspire them.
  4. maybe befor you guys do it, do something that will conect you guys, make them feel safe , then take them so they'll be more comfortable with it. i went skinny dipping with my friends for the first time when i was drunk but stripping off the layers felt nice and i didn't think twice about doing it.
  5. Tim Oliver

    Tim Oliver Member

    I didn't have to consult the "Modern Gentleman" to know this, but, I did anyway. Just remain gentlemen and ladies, at all times, especially, when skinny-dipping. In other words, no uninvited groping, no leering, no drooling, no pointing out various attributes and / or deficiencies, no wolf whistles, no comparisons, just be cool. It's a lot of fun, if you do. Skinny-dipping allows all hanging boobs to float, and, with goggles, penises look bigger, underwater.
  6. Do it. Skinny Dippings great
  7. earthbyocean

    earthbyocean Member

    I seriously would not care if i saw someone with blemishes on their skin.. its so not relevant to anything. If someone thinks otherwise well then they arent worth being around..
    bare it and love it ;)
  8. Like Josh said, take the lead and strip off first.
  9. nldn

    nldn Senior Member

    Go for it if you didn't back then
  10. jiva

    jiva Member

    i love skinny dipping ... most of my friends go all the time like no big deal so its cool but my 1 good friend just refused until everyone just went a few times and then he finally decided to join in one time...he is still not really a fan but i he has been through some stuff that makes me kinda uderstand why so im cool with it but at least he tryed it out :)

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