Skin problems?

Discussion in 'Vegetarian' started by rain_in_summer, Jun 2, 2004.

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    Hi there,
    as a child I used to have a problem with my skin, too dry and stuff (the German word for this disease is Neurodermitis, if anyone knows the English word please let me know). When puberty began, it became a lot better and until now everything seemed to be completely alright, but a few weeks ago it started to get worse again after years of "silence".
    Could thi have anything to do with me going veggie (in November 2003)? I mean, is it possible I miss something? If yes, what and how can I get it?

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    alot of people are allergic to soy, dairy, wheat or corn. the best thing is to go 2 weeks with none of those things then eat each one for 3 day increments to see if you get a reaction
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    or like the case of my step-daughter it could have absolutely nothing to do with allergies.

    She has Psoriasis.but it's genetic.Several people of my husbands side of the family all have it..and my oldest daughter might have it.

    have you asked anyone in your family if they have a similiar skin condition?

    You ought to go see a dermatologist..they can usually figure out if it's genetic versus outside-influenced.

    of course..your solution could be really simple..

    are you drinking enough water?

    Dairy and allergies ARE not the main causes of bad skin..especially if you've never been allergic to anything and many people dont eat dairy and still have bad skin.

    the main reasn for bad skin is dehydration.

    simply cutting things out of your diet is not a miracle cure despite the claims of bored fanatics.

    sometimes you just have tweek your water intake.Plenty of hydration can be the determinate between getting sick and remaining healthy.good skin and blemishy and/or dry itchy skin.How your hair looks and feels.

    along with oxygen...water is the most important thing we need to survive.
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    I always had problems with my skin breaking out up untill I went Vegan. It did not matter what medication I took I couldent seem to get rid of my acne. I realy believe that Dairy was making me breakout becasue now my skin is clear as the clear blue sky.

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