Skin Cancer?

Discussion in 'Health' started by happykoala, Aug 15, 2005.

  1. happykoala

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    This is something I've been wondering about. Does your risk for getting skin cancer only go up when you are sunburned, or does it also go up when you get a tan (from being outside, not from tanning beds)? I've been worried lately because it's summer, and I've been outside everyday to play tennis. I now only go out after seven, before it starts getting dark, but I'm worried because I haven't been using sunscreen. I haven't gotten sunburned yet, only tanned. But should I be worried? The last thing I want to get is skin cancer and/or premature wrinkles.
  2. your risk DEFIANTLY also goes up when you get a tan or any sun when you're not wearing sun protection. google it.... the first sign of skin damage from the sun is NOT sun burn... it's a tan.
  3. happykoala

    happykoala Member

    So I should probaly wear sunscreen every time I go out in the summer?
  4. hehe... do as i say not as i do. meaning- yeah, it's a good idea.

    do i? not neccasarily but yeah.....
  5. happykoala

    happykoala Member

    I've been reading that you should wear sunscreen whenver you go out and wear long sleeves and I'm starting to panic.
  6. haha dont panic. :D just yeah, try to wear sun screen but dont freak out about it. lol

    (i panic about lots of health related things that i goggle or whatever, hehe)
  7. happykoala

    happykoala Member

    ok thanks. :&
  8. drumminmama

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    YES all year, for that matter. Getting the cancers removed SUCKS and is expensive.
    I mix SPF lotion with my Merry Hempsters lotion for allover use and don't forget the SPF lipbalm.

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