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    I like to read Rangers very good advice on outdoor growing; the man has mucho experience.Some of his answers are often specific to his climate where rainfall is never when he wants. For those of us who live in areas where drought or mudslides aren't a problem, here's a few common sense ideas for outdoor site selection.
    Look around the area. Is there a lot of farming going on? If yes, the soil is pretty good. If no, that means the soil sucks. Or you can do the kind of major excavations which Mr. Danger is fond of in his crappy clay soil. If you're in quality soil you can avoid all the backbreaking labor and soil ammendments.
    Land near streams or large bodies of water is called "bottom land" by ag types. We would call it primo.
    Why take up fishing? Because when you walk into remote areas carrying a 5 gallon pail full of stuff you look like you're going fishing. Don't forget to get a fishing pole AND A LICENSE! Game wardens are LEOs. Use the pail to carry stuff in and out, and use it to water your plants. Sit on it while you fish.
    Don't plant too close to the water. Real fishermen will stumble across it, or worse, when the heavy rains make your little stream look like the Columbia River you're going to be SOL when you're darlings wash out to sea.
    When you get the munchies, eat the fish.
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    *actualy, if you go off the trail, and use your comman sense you will be safe from fisherman, and you can see the high water marks if you look, if it was a bitch to get to noone will find it most likely. and you dont realy have to hike in very often, in fact thats how many people get rippers, someone sees you going to the same place with regularity and fallows you to see why.
    there are a few watering tricks, but the very best one i think would be the feeder hose.
    just go down to the garden store and get a roll of that very cheep black 1/4 inch hose. find a spot ten to 30 feet or so from a relieable flowing water source. unroll the tubing to the stream and carry it upstream a few feet. now fill the hose with water and hide the end under a large rock in a pool, one you've buried/hide the hose go back unstream and walk up on it, make sure there is no sign of it, or that somthing has been buried, if your having trouble with that you might want to hide your sign with a mess instead of making it look untouched. one you get the flow going let it run for severel hours than go back and look at he ground satuartion, find the best spot ( i wont go into this in detail, but you can figure it out, just make sure your not over watering. If your concerned about the nutrient levels in your area you can interupt the hose with one of those *sprayer bottels*, get some bat quano and fish emultion , put them in a nylon and put it in the jar, you will be good to go.

    *you can see were people just dont go, beause theres an easy path right there or they have to wade through brush and stiker bushes

    *anyone who has ever made a home made water pipe can make one of these, its just a jar the water flows through

    p.s. you will have to go and check on them, expeciely at first to make sure everything is working properly, but as time goes by you will need to less and less

    another way is to poke a PIN hole in the bottom of a gallon milk jug and set it by the plant this is amazingly effective and you will only have to fill it like every ten days or so, depending on the soil

    oh and while im at this, heres another little tip, plant garlic around your plant, any good gardener will tell you why ;)

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