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    im sure this has been asked a million times... but I got this shitty sinus infection... the symtons are like, sinus headaches which, if you dont know, hurt like fucking hell. I got this nasal drip shit and like, thats the major things... and newayz, I got like a Moxisilin and im taking like these nose spray thingies. You think it might be dangerous or w/e to smoke while im takin this stuff? or am i just being overparanoide?
  2. i dont think it would be a problem but i also dont think u should trust stoners with computers with questions like this.
  3. I take nasonex because i've had some pretty fucken bad post nasal drip(feels like i can't breathe at times) but since i've taken this stuff its much better. If its anything like nasonex it should be safe with anything. I came home after a night at the bar and used this stuff with no side effects. I'd suggest your first thing to research is on side effects and drug interactions. If still unsure after what you read email the maker or ask a pharmacist or doctor.

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