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    The bible tells you that adultery, homosexuality and beastialty are all sins.
    Where in the Bible does it say that pedophilia is a sin?
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    But according to the Bible (or at least my interpretation), after Jesus was born and began his teachings the rules in the Old Testament (no homosexuality being one rule) were more or less obsolete and did not need to be followed (with exception to the 10 commandments). Jesus' rules were the rules to be followed. The vengeful and angry God was replaced with a much more passionate and loving God. Because of this homosexuality (as an example) was no longer a sin (because Jesus did not speak about it as such). So if Jesus spoke against pedophilia then it is a sin. However, you must think about the time back then. It was common for women to get married and have sex at young ages and the idea of pedophilia was not as it is today. I'm pretty sure they had no legal age for when people could have sex, so pedophilia in modern terms (having sex with a person under the legal age) would not have existed. Though I would think having sex with a very very young child was probablly frowned upon. If it wasn't a sin then it was probablly socially shunned.

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