Simpson's Ambien Episode

Discussion in 'Cartoons' started by Geneity, May 6, 2007.

  1. Geneity

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    Haha this was just the best. I've heard a lot about Ambien causeing people to do insane things while in their sleep, like drive, sleepwalk or sleepanything pretty much and this episode tells of it all. Homer's quote was the best

    "Well, like 80% of America, I'm whacked out on prescription drugs"


    "No, drugs, you're thinking of DRUUUUUUUUUUGGSSS!!!"
  2. raz5

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    yeah my mom takes ambien, she drives, talks, bakes...
    one time my brother and i were playing with the vocoder on his microkorg and she walked in and was like 'i must be dreaming' and i was like 'mom you're so high'

    i say that to her almost every night though...
  3. metalgypsy

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    I love that episode. Ambien lets me sleep for like, 6 hours max, though. It kinda sucks.

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