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    wtf happened?

    for those who dont know.
    silverchair is perhaps the most legendary rock band to come out of australia.
    they started about 10 years ago when they were 15. they played rock/ grunge stuff.

    it was awesome. since then they realeased another 5 albums... each progressively changing as they got older.

    they broke up for a short time while the main singer made a band with paul mac. which was an electronica type thing.

    now they made a new album and it is just shit.
    nothing compared to what silverchair's real feel is.

    but if you dont compare it to their previous albums. its okay.

    anyone else have any opinions?
  2. texasmade3

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    lol i feel ya.. i remember silverchair when i was 12 years old. they were really good back then. now they just got sucked up in the new rock world.. it happends
  3. fountains of nay

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    Didn't Daniel have arthritis or something, which was affecting his guitar playing?

    Anywhos, I haven't listened to Silverchair in've inspired me to do so. :)
  4. Kasey3682

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    I for one love Silverchairs new album! I also loved all of their previous albums. They are the only band I know of where every time they put out a new cd it is something different and every song doesn't sound the same as something they previously recorded. Some people don't like the way Daniel trys different things, but that is what I love most about them. I think Daniel is a musical genius and am amazed by some of the things his brain comes up with. He is one of the few musicians I am on the edge of my seat just waiting to see what he comes up with next.
  5. HushBull

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    Totally agree.
    I was amazed to find out he did most of the string arrangements on Young Modern.
  6. woodsman

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    I'd hardly call them the most legendary Australian band. AC/DC is far more reconized wordwide.

    Silverchair is a vitual unknown in many music circles.
  7. Ocean Bionic

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    silverchair has some good tunes! my lover likes to make fun of me when I listen
    to their new stuff off of Young Modern.. they have gotten kinda cheesy, but it's still fun to listen to. not to mention Daniel Johns has the looks of a god.
  8. jrnyman

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    I haven't had a chance to really listen to the new album much. it seemed okay. I thought diorama was fucking brilliant... it seriously captivated me for months. and yeah daniel is dreamy... :p

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