Sick of my family

Discussion in 'All in the Family' started by chris_1661, Apr 30, 2007.

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    gimme a break. thats what u have to bitch about ? your parents yelling at their grandchildren who they choose to look after to help out your sister in their home????????????a pesky little brother that calls you childish names. it seems the childish one is you. i wish that was all the problems i had in my life. for you to complain when you're only there part time is outrageous.... solution stay at school or quit bitchin about bullshit things. TOO MUCH TOGETHERNESS!!!!!?????!!!!!!!!?????????i hope one day you will come to realize what an ass you sound like complaining that there is too much togetherness, i guarantee when they'r e all gone or you estrange yourself from them you'll be the one kicking yourself in the ass. you don't seem to be coplaining that they feed you, and provide monetary things for you to live. GROW UP AND DO YOUR FAMILY A FAVOR STAY AT SCHOOL!@!!
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    give me a break. Grow up ... get a education like everybody else has to get and get out of your parents hair

    Maybe thats why they are going in sane?

    Family is the best thing you can ever have .. When you don't have it ... your lost!!

    Look at all those african 12 y/o that have to go through life providing for their siblings because their parents A) either had Aids B) got killed C) were too sick to provide for them. And those children go to school have jobs so they can eat and clothe thei siblings mind you 1/2 of the money that goes towards them are from an agency.

    Do a little rearranging in your head and think of what your really saying before you say it man!!
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    Why do those Africans keep having babies, anyway. This country should supply pallets full of condoms to that country then the food supply wouldn't be such a pressing issue.

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