Shrooms + Weed Scary Blackout

Discussion in 'Magic Mushrooms' started by mello_newf, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. mello_newf

    mello_newf Guest

    Well me and my buddy just ate shrooms and smoked weed. I had 5g of dried shrooms and he had 2g (Had them with OJ) and we smoked a few bowls to our face. I was fucking up hard he seemed ok but zooming he was playing COD4. I was to fucked to do much else but watch and laugh.

    Now this is the first time we ever had shrooms but we both smoke weed every day (or few days if were running low) lol. But yeah fuck me he was playing COD4 for a few hours and we were both coming down from the shrooms and smoking pot and he was like "what the fuck" and went white. I went over to him to see what was going on and he started twitching, then his eyes rolled back into his head. I thought he was gonna fucking die so I started yelling at him to come 2. He did come 2 and got a little bit of color back we talked for a few min (when I say talked I mean I talked and he acknowledged with a grunt or "im ok just really fucked") and I THOUGHT it was all good, but then he did i again only worse. He stopped breathing and was fucking up hard. I was about to take him to the hospital but when I went to pick him up he started to come around and slowly started to get some color back. He woudnt go to the hospital so im typing this as I watch him sleep (drove him home) and keep an eye on his ass lol.

    Oh did I mention this was in my house where I live with my parents.... They were in the next room and it was almost 3am when this shit went down. But yeah scary shit he will be going to the doctor tomorrow to make sure everything is ok.

    Never been more afraid in my life. We had a crazy bro moment afterward when he was ok. :p
  2. Dein Liebsten

    Dein Liebsten Member

    Hey that sounds familiar to my experience on saturday!

    I didn't eat any mushrooms, but I smoked some REALLY potent pot. I was kinda sick with the flu and had a sore throat, and I swallowed some smoke so i almost puked everywhere when I took a hit.

    So after almost throwing up all over the kitchen, i stumbled around and fell on the couch. I laid there twitching and smiling, and my friends gazed at me and were laughing at the dumbfounded expression on my face.

    I feel fine, but i ended up doing that like three more times and passing out the last two times. If your friend starts getting headaches and stuff, then I'd be concerned.

    But the trip was insane. I couldn't feel anything, and the chimes in my friends living room sounded amazing. haha oh weed...

    Maybe he was just really fucked up. And the COD4 could have made him convulse with all the flashing and energy as you kill people.

    good luck. I wouldn't worry too much though, but that's just me.
  3. explorer83

    explorer83 Member

    I wouldn't think too much of it now that it's over. He shouldn't have any long term physical effects. In a sense, he just got too high. I have felt like I was going to pass out through combination on various drugs with alcohol and weed or actually passed out after getting up off the couch right after oral surgery with nitrous, anesteshia and opiates. I fell into the bath tub as I was pissing. Luckily I didn't bang my head too hard.
  4. broony

    broony Banned

    last night i ate 3.5 grams. once i was coming down and was just relaxed. i smoked a bowl. maybe a minute after i was finished smoking i then got very dizzy and started sweating horribly. my face was dripping. i had to lie on my back for a few minutes. if i stand up i felt like i would pass out, or black out. it really sucked. i drank some water and eventually fell aslepe.
  5. itsallgood

    itsallgood Senior Member

    idk how you play video games on a hallucinogen, i played crusin for the n64 on my first acid trip but i didnt like it i would rather just chilll out maybe watch some part of movie but then go outside and be with nature, peace

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