Shrooms, to take or not to take? Effects? How much?

Discussion in 'Magic Mushrooms' started by purcolekraze, May 26, 2004.

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    I want to take shrooms but I have lots of questions. Is there any effects, long or short term on the way your body functions other than during the trip? I herd that there wasn't any. I also herd that shrooms mess up your stomache at the time. Is this true? If so how, is it dirreah or throw up? How much shrooms should I eat for my first time? How much do you think it will cost? How long does hte trip/experience last usually? I thank you for your advice in advance.
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    i would highly recommend the fungus, so i'm glad to offer words on my experiences. there are no long term effects after use of mushrooms. the only short term effect i have noticed, was a slight drowsiness the next day, and that's honestly about it. as far as your stomach goes, during the first hour or so after ingestion of the fungus, you may become slightly nauseas. i have never vomitted from mushrooms, but it's obviously possible. it's not an horrible nausea, so you should be able to handle it without puking. i'd recommend trying not to puke, as you don't want to empty your system of the fungus, unless it's at least an hour after you ingest, so the effects are already set.
    i'm not sure what particular strain of mushroom i get, i know it's in the psilocyb family, and 3.5 grams(dried) is usually perfect. this amount should range anywhere from 20-35 dollars, most likely depending on how good of friends you are with your supplier. ;)
    it usually takes about an hour to come up, the actual trip lasts about 4-5 hours, then about an hour to come i've experienced at least...hope i was able to help and good luck:D
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    I did them once on New Year's Eve... it wasn't cool. My stomach was upset THE WHOLE TIME. Yes, that's right....5 hours of pure hell. I couldn't enjoy myself because I felt like shit the entire time. I kept thinking about shit that I never wanted to think about... bad things... depressing things... It was a rather scary high. I hallucinated a little bit, but not much. I wanted to puke the entire time, but I couldn't. Then, the worst part was.... I looked at my boyfriend and I swear he looked like Michael Jackson. Then I started coming down and was finally able to go to sleep. (If you're having a bad trip, it will do no good to try and sleep it off). I don't think it really had any long-term effects on me, but I wouldn't recommend doing them. Especially if you have any mental problems yourself or have mental problems in your family. But I know you're curious so do what you want. One more thing... 3.5 grams will be way too much your first time. I only took like a gram. I have friends who have taken 2.5 grams before and didn't think they were going to wake up the next morning so if you don't wanna be scared, I'd recommend a low dose. Peace and good luck! If you try mushrooms, I hope your trip is better than mine was.
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    I have been doing shrooms (psilocybe cubensis) every weekend for the past 6 weeks. Usually they cause some nausea, and often make me puke- but it's generally not too bad (compared to, say, morning glory).

    Chromatically psilocybin is wonderful.

    Long term effects are none, unless you suffer from depression or mental illness (but in that case you wouldn't be doing psychedelics anyway, I guess).

    Healthy, trippy, entheogenic and foul-tasting. Yes, they taste like SHIT. I usually blend them with orange juice and chug the stuff down ASAP.

    If you can find a growing kit, it's a lot cheaper (I payed about 25 British pounds for mine and the yield was maybe around 200 gr.).

    30 gr. of FRESH cubensis make a medium trip.
    50-60 is STRONG.
    Above that range... who knows.

    Expect to feel tired and at the same time hysterical (nervous effects come in waves; lots of loughing).
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    find yourself an eighth (3.5g) of good-looking shrooms (probably cubensis, so look for light-tan stems and carmel-coloured caps and as little blue (bruising-the good chemical being oxidized, thus lost) as possible) for about $15-$35. as for ingesting it, you could try peanut butter or honey, a tea tincture, or a small sandwhich with your choice of toppings. do not eat them on an entirely empty stomach because your digestive system will be rather pissed off about the introduction of a foul fungus into the stomach. do not eat them on a full stomach either, because you may get nauseous. other than that, you'll be fine - enjoy.

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