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Discussion in 'Magic Mushrooms' started by WoodstockChild, May 3, 2007.

  1. WoodstockChild

    WoodstockChild Intrepid Traveler!

    I have them. I will be tripping with 1 other person and 1 person will be there, not tripping.
    Anything I need to know?
  2. Krsna Bhakti

    Krsna Bhakti d-_-b JAMMING

    May God have mercy upon your soul young lady. Whatever you do, be careful, from the posts I've seen you make it is apparent that you are not ready for what Magic Mushrooms have to teach us, though Im sure you will not heed my warning and eat them anyway, like they say, curiosity killed the cat. If you MUST eat them (which, once again, I highly, HIGHLY reccomend that you do not!) dont eat more than half an eigth your first time. Believe me, if you end up having a bad trip, you will be in a world of mental torment and pain if you eat a whole eigth. I dont mean to put bad thoughts in your head, but I am very concerned that you are going to get in trouble by your parents and I am trying to look out for your best interest. I ate mushrooms when I was 14 for the first time, by myself, at my moms house, I ate an eigth, and I ended up laying in my bed silently for nearly 2 hours once the peak came on because I had NO idea what to expect. Not saying it was all bad, but it was so powerful that I forgot who I was and where I was, completley out of reality, and if I didnt have the knowledge to stay put, I would have ended up in major shit had I attempted to talk to my parents or go outside. Be careful, be safe, thats about all I can say. Why not wait until you are a little older and not so angry about your parents and with life itself, as you seem to be?
  3. Willy_Wonka_27

    Willy_Wonka_27 Surrender to the Flow

    youll be fine. i know others think.... know... think you're immature, but i believe you will be fine on some shroomies. how much are you taking?

    have fun.
  4. Hemisphere

    Hemisphere Member

    But Krsna.. You're forgetting, she's a Woodstock Child! She just wants to climb aboard The Yellow Submarine, and bring down The Establishment by listening to The Dead. All she's saying is give peace a chance.
  5. crummyrummy

    crummyrummy Brew Your Own Beer Lifetime Supporter

    dont watch the movie Hardware
  6. windcriesmary

    windcriesmary Member

    ah haha wonderful :applause:
  7. Willy_Wonka_27

    Willy_Wonka_27 Surrender to the Flow

    livin the dream! :H
  8. Hemisphere

    Hemisphere Member

    I love the quote someone posted in her guestbook. It sums up my feelings on the subject perfectly, and straight from the mouth of a legend:

    "If the Beatles or the Sixties had a message, it was to learn to swim. Period. And once you learn to swim, swim. The people who are hung up on the Beatles' and the Sixties' dream missed the whole point when the Beatles' and the Sixties' dream became the point. Carrying the Beatles' or the Sixties' dream around all your life is like carrying the Second World War and Glenn Miller around. That's not to say you can't enjoy Glenn Miller or the Beatles, but to live in that dream is the twilight zone. It's not living now. It's an illusion." - John Lennon

    Personally, I embrace the modern psychedelic scene, but I think it's important to become part of something new and exciting. Be a child of the millenium, not of the 60s!

    Do things that will get your own generation remembered. What could that be? Right now I don't think there's anything obvious, so it's up to you to go and FIND it!

    My mates and I are putting on a massive party in a huge seven-years-abandoned government building this weekend :) Sure, I doubt it'll be something that in 40 years time will be remembered as an iconic act of our generation, but we're still young, who knows what oppurtunities the future will hold.
  9. PsychMyke

    PsychMyke Senior Member

    I was 16 when I had my first psyhedelic the story goes

    Got a half eigth of the bunk ass weak shrooms, but i didnt know bettwer cause i had never seen them before anyway, mowed them at night...waited a half hour and didnt feel anythin and passed out.

    Went back a week later and got an 8th...ate them, waited like a half hour and unwillingly passed out (in hindsight, these shrooms were fucking horrible)

    SOOO...i was on mission at this point...i sold my xbox and some games for 80$ to a buddy which I then spent on a 20 bag of nug and 3 mushrooms chocolates from a much more reliable dealer. I told him about the previous bunk ones, he suggested that these were as real as can be, each chocolate had 2 grams...and suggested i eat 2 to start...

    So naturally i ate all 3 at once...its was one of the best times of my life...and i was by myself the whole time. It was so intense and powerful, and so incredibly new...i came to the conclusion that tripping was the most amazing experience imaginable, one giant sensory orgasm...but if my mom did happen to come down to the basement where my room was to see what the commotion was (i was rolling on the floor laughing my balls of at the movie The CHronicals of Riddick...i also remember dragging some yarn across the floor to get my cat to chase it, and for some reason nothing could have been funnier) i would have been FUCKED. i was tripping so hard, i had descended to the level of a mere beast...I also remember going completely amneisic after smoking a bowl, feeling the highest ive EVER been in my life at that point and forgetting how to walk correctly...up to this point i had just started smoking pot frequently so i still got insano rip fried...

    sadly, i cant eat mushrooms anymore...they turn on me, just when i think im having a great trip they stab me in the back. Such a shame, the trip mentioned above and all my early mushroom trips used to be fantastic...oh well, LSD truimphs all anyways...
  10. Hemisphere

    Hemisphere Member

    Sounds like me with acid :)

    Maybe I should try mushrooms as an alternative, our experiences might be similar.
  11. PsychMyke

    PsychMyke Senior Member

    really??? that sucks man, i dont think i could have a bad acid experience at this point in my life ...why is it like that for yah? did you have a bum trip or somethin? When i was sellin shrooms last year i was trying to sqeeze in multiple trips a week and i would dose way too high...had so many nightmarish experiences where I either went completely insane, or the amount that i ate got me feeling hella poisoned and the body load ruined me

    One of my e-tard friends (member of the 1000+ pills club), the one who introduced me to acid said he cant take it anymore because he shakes violently and starts having panic attacks...he says its because the mdma abuse gives him anxeity beyond beleif when hes sober, and when he trips it comes out 10 fold, and he always finishes the trip holding on for dear life thinkin hes gonna die. Its just strange because he used to trip ALOT, so he stopped rolling, now he just does Ket, yayo, meth and drinks...moron, why trade off one drug thats bad for you for 4 that are even least MDMA is a fuckin doozy, those other drugs kinda suck...imo
  12. PsychMyke

    PsychMyke Senior Member

    I agree with hemisphere...the 60's would jave been a cool time to live because of all the acid EVERYWHERE...but still, i love our generations scene...festivals, Tool, electronica, trip hop, glowsticks, raves, Research Chemicals, better sound quality, more music....i just wish the acid was as good now as it was back then, then ide be in heaven
  13. beautifulhippie2

    beautifulhippie2 TyeDyeChicka!

    Honestly,....................... ~sighs~...........I've never done shrooms!
  14. PsychMyke

    PsychMyke Senior Member

    They are definatly worth doing...the first few trips are always the best with mushies IMO...everytime i take em now i always get nagging thoughts about how much better acid is...and i always just end up wishin i had spent money on
  15. Glordag

    Glordag Member

    Mmmm, I'm having fun growing my mushies until I find a reliable dealer for some acid. I absolutely LOVED acid, so I'm hoping shrooms turn out wonderful for me. I think I'll enjoy searching myself and being guided through new mystic experiences. Ego loss isn't a huge issue for me from what I can tell (though I'm sure it will go bad at least once).

    Anyways, back to the OP:
    I don't know if you are really understanding why so many people are trying to talk you out of doing these things or not, but I'll give my two cents. Doing a serious psychedelic like acid or shrooms is a life changing experience. I don't have the patience to search your posts to see if you ever got around to doing acid, so I'm not sure if you've started the transition or not. I consider myself a VERY logical, stable-minded person, and I still had some serious changes occur to my view of...well...everything. The thing is, this is usually pretty distracting to your "normal" life for a bit. Also, emotions can become a complicated thing even more so than before.

    I know it seems like a cool thing to do, and I know it can suck hearing all the stories about shrooms or acid and not doing them, but I think you'll find that things are going to be very hard for you to understand for a while after your first trip.

    With that said, I'm sure you're going to still do them, but I think you need to understand that you need to be VERY confident in yourself and what you are doing. You are going to want to question everything during and after the trip, and the more confident you are in yourself, the better you will come out in the end. To a large degree what these drugs can teach you can be very beneficial and therapeutic, but it can also be VERY distracting and bad for your general well-being.

    Keep in mind that you are still young (as am I), so you have much more important things going on in your life right now than experimentation. You have quite a while to try things out, so don't dive in too fast. Don't brush off school for these experiences, and try as hard as you possibly can to keep control of your life. I give this last warning especially, because it is the hardest piece of advice to follow. As I said before, I'm a very logical and stable-minded person, and I found myself being drawn into a hole of a psychedelic lifestyle without even knowing I was being drawn in. It's hard to explain, but maybe you'll realize what I'm saying and be able to control it better than I did.

    I think I'm just now getting to the place I want to be for safely and confidently taking psychedelics, and it took tripping on acid 10 or so times, tripping on DMT (ayhuasca), salvia a few times, weed, smoking stuff with caffeine, a couple of REALLY REALLY bad morning glory trips, and taking acid in conjunction with salvia, weed, caffeine, dagga flower, and a few other things.

    It's almost as if the "tripping world" is a sentient being, and it constantly calls to you and draws you in. You become quite familiar with it, but it is ever elusive still. It plays with you, changes your thoughts, pulls your strings, and yet you allow it to do so. If I had to put it into words, that's how I would describe it.

    *whew* Sorry for the giant lecture, but I wanted to share how I felt after diving into things, in hopes that you'll reconsider the trip or at least prepare yourself mentally and be aware of what is to come (after the trip moreso than during it).

    As far as the trip itself goes, the most important thing is just to be in a good mood and be confident enough in yourself to get a little lost and still maintain a pleasant mind frame. The trick is simply realizing that you CAN change the flow of a trip on a whim, at least to a large degree. Once you realize this, bad trips are much easier to handle, and much less frequent.

    If you do decide to go through with it, I hope you have a good time. I wouldn't mind seeing a post about how it went soon after you do it. Good luck!
  16. NightWalk

    NightWalk Member

    I think we would all rather you didn't take them, but if you are absolutely set on it;

    do it in a comfortable environment with no disturbances such as parents.

    For your first trip take a low dosage, so you can see how you react to them. Some people have different tolerances to mushrooms. I started with about 1.5 grams.

    Keep positive thoughts throughout. Remember that it is just a drug and whatever you may be feeling or thinking will end soon.
  17. WoodstockChild

    WoodstockChild Intrepid Traveler!

    I know. For once my good-goody sister wants to take them... sort of. I mean, she considered it. But I'm making her stay sober in case she has to talk us down or something =O
    hopefully 1.5 grams each. Thats what we're hoping for.
    What music should we listen to?
  18. Krsna Bhakti

    Krsna Bhakti d-_-b JAMMING

    Dear. God. Almighty. Please, Help this child. Amen.
  19. Hemisphere

    Hemisphere Member

    Yea okay Krsna I think tbh you actually take the overprotectiveness a little too far. I don't think she should do psychedelics either but the worst that's going to happen is she'll have a terrible trip. No sympathy from me if she does either.
  20. WoodstockChild

    WoodstockChild Intrepid Traveler!

    I'm not a fucking child. I turn 16 on monday.

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