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Discussion in 'Magic Mushrooms' started by doubledtrapezoid, Jan 16, 2005.

  1. im thinking of growing shrooms by using a kit bought online, but i dont know anything about growing and cant seem to find any sites that outline the process for the grow kits... can anyone post any helpful links on the subject? and since they all seem to be overseas, a reliable site for the kits?
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    I was curious of this myself... like I was looking at grow kits on ebay and shit and spores on different sites around the web...

    but like is this something I can just like set up and stick in a closet or a drawer or do I need to tend to it alot and give it light all day and whatnot...

    but I cant seem to really find all that its gonna take outta me to do it.. like i cant do it if I have to have it sitting out in the sun or light or anything.. I dont wanna risk my parents seeing it like they did with my pot plants a few years ago lol...

    like I just wanted a small kit that I can easily hide away somewhere in my room and i'm not looking for a huge output of boomers.. just enough for myself really...

    and does anyone have experience with an end product? like how are they?? tho I would guess that has a lot to do with the spores you get...
  3. the boxed set kits (mexicans or thai) are easily hideable. You need a sterile container like a sterilised fishtank, a fishtank heater, and a light helps but is not essential. mushrooms can grow without any light,but tend to grow towards it so it can help to make them taller. The kits I have grown have all been slightly different in method, but came with instructions. The end results were good, and if you're really careful about scrubbing up every time you touch them, and make ver4y clean cuts just below the surface of the kit when harvesting, they live for ages, and produce many, many crops. Amputate any mould you find. Generally though they are pretty low maintanance, but need looking in on every day prior to harvest to make sure the caps dont open. They should look a bit like cocks, not umbrellas.
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    now if that doesnt make you wanna put them in your mouth... nothing will...
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    the kits are junk go to they will tell you everything you ever need to know

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