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Discussion in 'Grateful Dead and Phish' started by drumminmama, Jun 14, 2006.

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    From Motion Potion's latest newsletter.

    Etiquette at concerts has always been a quandry of mine. I personally go to shows to SEE THE BAND/DJ etc and though I like to gte down, I am probably overly annoyed by "That Guys" who want the attention on them in the audience. Here are five "That Guys" that really raise my heckles:

    1. "The Whistler" -He's the guy who hails a New York City taxi everytime he gets excited, often RIGHT into your ear and often during a solo or something when oyu are trying to listen.
    Punishment: 6 month sentence as a New York City door man

    2. the Screamer" - Like the whistler, except this guy doesn't know HOW to whistle. So he yells throughout the show, usually during solos and again, in your EAR. He's often seen at Les Claypool shows going "Fuck yeah LES! YOu RUUUUUUULE!
    Punishment: Muzzle

    3. "Sweaty guy" - He's hairy, he's dancing and he's sweating profusely all over himself and anyone near him. It's tough to dislike this guy cause he IS OBVIOUSLY FUNKIER THAN YOU. I just would hope that he keep his shirt on and bring a towel.
    Punishment: 6 month sentence as locker-room attendant for a pro football team

    4, "Ecstasy Girl" - She's rolling WAY too hard. Usually you meet her when she does the "swim move" around or through you to get to the front. She's also smoking constantly and yapping away instead of paying attention to the band. They're extremely prevalent at Karl Denson shows.
    Punishment: Forced conversion to acid. At least she'll learn something along the way.

    5. "Stoner Squids" - These are the guys who gave pot a bad name. They smoke constantly, and only the best ridiculous kush stuff which they can break down by kingdom, genome, phylum and species, bragging about the UC Berkeley-trained botanist who grew it, or the rattlesnakes they fought to pick them up in Mendo'. BUT THEY NEVER SHARE, even if you stoop low and ask. "Ah sorry bro, there's not enough to go around."
    Punishment: 6 months of Mexican brown swag

    6. "Wastoids" - The other guys who give pot a bad name. These ones just can't stop smoking, even when they're already stoned. They're the stoner equivalent of an obese shut-in, like that guy in Seven. They're usually "Sweaty Guys" too and their inebriation makes them impossible to deal with. They're usually the ones lighting up in front of cops on a street corner and getting a whole party shut down. If they're tall, they have a hat on and keep swing back and forth right in front of you. If they're short, they're leaning on you or your girl to keep their balance.
    Punishment: 6 Months on a Mormon retreat in the Utah desert

    7. "The tall guy" - Look, I'm about 6'2" and thus, I seldom ever stand anywhere but in the back of a house, row etc because I feel bad for the people behind me. And yet there are always 6'8" guys who have no compunction at all about standing right in front of little 5'2" elves. PLUS, they sway back and forth throughout the show so even if you have a V-vision around the shoulder, it only lasts a minute. There ends up being an "aisle" behind them.
    Punishment: Amuputation at the knees

    8. "The player" - This is the guy(s), (usually they come in pairs actually) that came to the show to get women. NOT TO SEE THE SHOW. They don't care much for the band and instead spend the whole show macking on every lady they see, including those who have a nice groove on, including girls with boyfriends, including the poor cocktail waitress whose fighting through 300 people to bring you a PBR. These guys belong at bars, NOT clubs.
    Punishment: Marriage

    9. "The Pry Bar" - So you finally have a good groove on and you and the folks in front of you (perhaps your siginifcant other) have given each other a little bit of space between you. Not a LOT of space, but enough so that you can dance without doing the "bump". Then the "Pry Bar" arrives and slips in right in front (usually between songs when you aren't actively dancing). He stays there even though he's uncomfortably close to your genitals when you start dancing. Often it ony takes some vigorous movement to get them to leave. Other times They make everyone AROUND them move to make space. This is particularly troubling when they are ALSO a "PLAYER" and pry in between you and your girl.
    Punishment: Locked in a filing cabinet for 2 weeks.

    10. "Dicks like Me" - Guys like me who can't stand all these other "That Guys" and send out bad vibes at them in a mental attempt to get them to leave the general vicinity.
    Punishment: Dealing with above "That Guys"

    Look, it's not that hard to be a productive member of the concert community. Enjoy yourself, behave yourself, and be considerate of those around you. Don't stand in front of someone shorter than you, take off your hat in a crowd, and share share share what you have. When your going to the bar, offer to get water. Cheer between songs or at least AFTER solos. And for god sakes, wear some deodorant.
  2. well said! recently at a Les Claypool show i ran into all of "those guys" of those guys actually ended up throwing a full drink in a glass onstage. thankfully he was taken out of the venue. the mosh pit was too big. personally i think a mosh pit existing at all is too big, but thats me. i had a dude who was 7foot tall in front of me, swaying like a tree in the wind. the "Pry Bar" was their in mass. every time i got an inch three more would come in. and whats ironic is i felt like one of the dicks sending out bad vibes, so they would move....can't we all get along?
  3. what about the guy that dances like hes trying to fly away.. ya know.. them morons that are continuously jumping and their arms are goin every which way... or the "ghetto eminem wanna be" guy.. theres always one of them.. tryin to liek dance like they are at some rap show... i ran into a few that are a mix between these two guys... and have deffinately ran into all the others.. and sometimes been the guy thats WAAAAY too stoned at shows..... but whats more annoying than the Waaaay too stoned guy is the WAAAAAAY too drunk guy thats tryin to dance...
  4. rphishin

    rphishin Member

    LOL @ "ghetto eminem"...isn't that redundant LOL justy\ kidding....partly. I agree with all said thus far....seen em at phish and dead, esp. the frat boys not into band but trying to score any chicks, granted any that'd go good riddance for their mates...
  5. lol or there is the musician guy that is never pleased, no matter how tight the band is, and how on point the jams are, he says something like...ehh the bass is a little off, ive seen better shows.
  6. i hate those guys! every show i'm at is better than the one before, its about living in the moment and diggin on the scene...
  7. Biida

    Biida Member

    The tall guys. Oh yes. I have a problem about this one... I'm going to a series of concerts at the end of the month, and my concert buddy is nearly 7'. I'm 5'2"... I want to be able to actually SEE the show, but I feel bad about dragging his tallness in front of other people.

    Maybe I should invest in stilts.
  8. drumminmama

    drumminmama Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    we call that in our house "damn picky heads."
    Now one of my fave local venues is notorious for a squwak or feedback at some point in the night and we all sort of brace for it.
    Lots of times I HAVE seen better show, but I'm there now in that space and time...and really bad sets often come stacked with a magical set or encore.
  9. yea i feel pretty much the same way, even if a set isn't doing it for me i try and stay with it and be in the moment, because chances are it's going to come back around and im gonna get on board at some point and really dig on it.
  10. drumminmama

    drumminmama Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    last night I painted at JGB...because it was something to do. Not a huge fan, but the guys I met were nice enough (JGB fans, send some healing energy out to Gloria, she had a mini stroke) so I went back this year.
    I have a ciouple songs stuck in my head today, but even better was the opener I didn't know about: Flying Other Brothers. It's been a year since I saw them as well, and I consider Barry Sless a friend.
    They have a song,"Devil's kitchen," and that was worth the effort alone.
  11. drumminmama

    drumminmama Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    more those guys:
    courtesy of the Rhythm Devils show at Fat City in the roller rink:
    the pop a wheelie nun:
    s/he will start the night off fetching his/her skates out of the closet, but leaving the box marked "Balance" and proceed to drink all night and aim for anything that moves.
    Others I have known and loathed:
    TDB- That drunk bitch
    wants to talk you.. the whole show and has nothing to say, gets annoyed if you move and stalks you.
    TDBs also try to pick up the band...while they are playing.
    If the band has decor or candles around the stage she will fuck with it. TDBs also tend to fall into the stage.
    banishment to a gravity-less planet
  12. Illmaeo

    Illmaeo Member

    a confession from a concert junkie:

    I'm one of those guys that gets into it too much and dance too hard and piss off the stale dallas crowds that think dancing just isn't as cool as standing with a drink in your hand looking hip.

    I get my sweat on everybody and bump into you and hit you with my swinging dreads and get right at the front of the stage inspite of my 6'1 stature. I think everyone should be having as much fun as I am. I rarely ever drink at shows, I just get fucking high on the energy coming off the stage. When the music moves me I can't stand still and I'm not about to stand in the back with all the "watchers". Do you hate going to shows with me? Can anyone help me with my affliction?
  13. drumminmama

    drumminmama Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    I pissed off dallas crowds...esp when they saw Okie plates...
  14. claypool fans are known to get a little rowdy. espically the primus meat heads
  15. harpua9000

    harpua9000 Member

    right there with you, man. lots of b-ham shows are the same way. I've always felt the area in front of the stage is a DANCE FLOOR!!! The more we boogie, the more the band feels it, the more energy we get in return! Aren't we all tired of the guy you bump into who glares at you like your dad after you've taken his car out w/o permission. Oh, well...too bad for him! If I see him @ Keller tonite at least I know I'm having loads more fun than he is!!
  16. primus scene is sketchy for hippies....i saw primus last week, and everyone looked PISSED at us for being there...people kept sayign things're into les claypool's new shit huh...
  17. drumminmama

    drumminmama Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    like jamband fans were NOT geeks in school. and primus was simply Rush Geeks.
    Uhhh we PLAY with Claypool: look at JFJO.
  18. MIIDAJ

    MIIDAJ Member

    ive never met concert snobs. now i can say i have.

    i always seem to stand in front of the guy who screams every song at the top of his lungs even if he doesnt know the words.
  19. guyute625

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    the ppl who go to shows with thier girlfriends/boyfriends without any idea about the band/music and constantly bash the music and how LOOOOONG it is
  20. drumminmama

    drumminmama Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    or the guy (usually) who talks to his gf or buddy about how many times thay have seen the band. Ok, yeah, but when is the last time you HEARD them?
    and let ME hear them.
    dm, who uses modified sign language at shows. Loud, continuous, talking is rude.

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