Shout & be jostled at SPEAKER'S CORNER

Discussion in 'Protest' started by Flight From Ashiya, May 28, 2006.

  1. Flight From Ashiya

    Flight From Ashiya Senior Member

    I spent this afternoon at Speaker's Corner ,Hyde Park,(Marble Arch end) London where I spent 3 hours listening to political & religious polemics & often obscenities.The jostling & heated exchanges were at an all-time high.
    The first spearker I listened to was a Chinese man who fortold the "micro-chipping" of everyone by August -
    He then repeated his speech & said "by June" -a man sitting on his bicycle interrupted:"Hang on...... you just said August?"
    -he was mercilessly heckled by this man who was goaded on by several people to the point that the speaker could not be heard & therein anything he said was totally ridiculed.

    A Muslim speaker waved the 'Koran' in the air expounding it as "God's only word to Man" then two American tourists got up on the same podium & began thunderously preaching Christianity & the inhumane treatment of Muslims to 'Gays' - the heckling became aggressive & the Americans were pushed off the podium only to get back on & poke the Muslim man who In turn shouted: "Don't touch me;I'm not gay" -to hysterical laughter from the gathered audience.

    In another ring surrounding a speaker & Black man on a step ladder & swigging a bottle of wine began to castigated all & sundry whereupon a Portuguese white man rushed into the centre of the ring blasting out incoherent blasphemies at him.
    Most of us were shouting to the Portuguese man to go away & let the speaker on the stepladder continue but this man wanted to disrupt the speech.
    Two American women became infuriated at intimated at the:"sexual inadequacy of the Portuguese per his jeans" to howls of laughter.
    This pushed him over the top & a tirade of insults traded off between the American women & him.
    The speaker asked his name "None of your damn business" was the reply & the comical put-downs were really funny.

    I only got personally involved in one argument.
    A Black man was shouting angrily at the Muslim speakers saying that they were 'fanatical' & should condemn 7-7...which they did, but all of a sudden four or five of them surrounded this black guy & were angrily discharging at him ...the black guy threatened to punch them saying: "Don't tell me about Allah,he's done nothing for me" .
    They replied : "What has Christ done for you???" He replied "F***O** don't talk to me".
    I said: " To Muslims 'Christ' was a prophet"...they agreed with me then all of a sudden a man who said he was from Pakistan grabbed my lapels & pushed me several feet backwards, shouting in my face 'what fate had in store for me'.I stayed calm but it took me a minute or more to get him to let go of me.

    Some really heated exchanges & not a policeman to be seen anywhere.

    Heyyyy :) :) I think I'll go back again,next Sunday!!!!.
  2. woodsman

    woodsman Senior Member

    I've never been there but would like to go.
  3. Dr Phibes

    Dr Phibes Banned

    The police do not stand at hyde park its a tradition I believe but they go there if trouble starts or the crowd gets too big. It was once the proud place of British democracy and any man or woman may stand there and be heard but I do believe that it has become the place for tyrannists to vent their anger at the world lately. I once saw Tony Benn deliver a speech at Hyde Park corner on a soapbox and it was brilliant. It was a few years back now. I am sorry you went their and got this treatment - we should take back that place for democracies sake !! Kick out these fatuous hypocrites that opine in the name of religion and say what we want - even speak absurdity and surreal nonsense to prove our point. I am glad you posted this I will go there myself next week to see how our democracy stands for myself

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