Should the roots be straight by this much?

Discussion in 'Dreadlocks' started by Slang, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. Slang

    Slang Banned

    Maybe I'm just being paranoid. I dunno. Yesterday was my birthday and I had a pool party - whereas my dreads got a beating with all the diving and dunking and wrestling. (non-chlorinated pool jic that's an issue. I swim a lot. Salt system = awesome)

    The roots seem more so undreaded than before, which I understand was okay. But this seems like too much?
    I took the pics while my hair was still a little wet this morning after washing but anyway here's a couple:



    That seems like it'd be a lot to me, I'll probably do some clockwise-twisty-rub when it's dry. But I just wanted to know from you guys, does that seem like a lot? Is it normal for the roots to be so straight? One of em probably has a good 6-7 inches of straight hair - and I am so just being paranoid huh?

    Other than that, it's been 5 weeks since I dreaded and looks to be goin good. =)
  2. Silver Shadow

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    try the root rub thing whilst hair is damp. works much better for me ;)
  3. dudenamedrob

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    the only thing backcombing does is allow you control over "how" it will dread, backcombing itself does not give you dreads. That being said, when one has backcombed it is perfectly normal for them to unravel and knot back up the way they's totally fine, don't worry about it. All you need is time.
  4. Slang

    Slang Banned

    Alright, that makes me feel a lot less worried.

    Thanks guys =)
  5. ive had my dreads for two years, and about a half a year ago it was like that, so i started looping them into each other. it cut down on the loose hairs aswelll. but your hair is still new at this, so wear a wool hat for awhile,and see what happens.
  6. the only thing about looping that sucks it at first your hair will be pulling from different places on your head... it take awhile to just used to the different pulling.

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