Should Prostitution be Legal?

Discussion in 'Sex Polls' started by foxydave, May 16, 2013.

  1. foxydave

    foxydave Guest

    It's been going on pretty much since the beginning of time, and for just as long, governments have tried to squash or regulate it. PROSTITUTION: charging money for some form of sexual favor. Lots of arguments both for and against. Some consider it oppression of women; others say it allows women freedom. Same for me, though in a much smaller volume.

    Where do you stand?


    Plain and simple ...

    Looking forward to hearing your answers!
  2. skitzo child

    skitzo child PEACEFUL LIBRA

    It would cut some of the crime rates
  3. Victoria1987

    Victoria1987 Member


    People will talk about sleazeball pimps forcing women into the sex trade and white slavery where women are kidnapped and forced into prostitution. That only happens because prostitution is illegal.

    Legalize it and regulate it, and you'll get something akin to brothels in Nevada. Regular checks of the girls for STD's, they're required to use protection, there's security in the building to keep unruly customers from being a problem.

    Or escorts who screen their clients, make sure they're on the level and take every precaution to keep from ending up in a bad situation.

    When it's illegal, you have a bunch of drug addicts offering blowjobs on a street corner for ten bucks, exchanging STD's with their clients. People end up hurt or dead because of unruly johns, pimps or even the hookers in some situations. Street prostitution like that should definitely be illegal.

    But brothel prostitution and escorts? I have no idea why that's illegal in 49 states. Hell, I'm pretty sure prostitution is only legal in brothels in Nevada, so escorts are legal in all 50. Those are the ones who aren't a problem.
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  4. Just call it marriage, then its perfectly legal
  5. silk896

    silk896 Member

    Once something is regulated rather than illegal, it takes a lot of the criminal element away.

    As for degrading to women - I guess the girl whose economic circumstances are such that the only thing left to sell is her body - that is tragic.

    However, as Nevada has demonstrated, there are many women for whom prostitution is a perfectly legitimate and honorable occupation: who just like a plumber or a financial consultant, provide a service with pride and are well remunerated for their skill.
    Nothing degrading about that.
    The whore in Ancient Greece was a valued member of society.
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  6. tommyhot

    tommyhot Member

    Yes and regulated for the safety of the workers and customers.
  7. Cherea

    Cherea Senior Member

  8. BuryMeInSmoke

    BuryMeInSmoke Member

    Yes. So long as the woman isn't being forced into anything, there's nothing wrong with it. We'd probably have a more peaceful society if it was legalized. I'm sure one of the reasons why we have school shootings is because some poor dude couldn't get his jimmy licked. Better a hooker take a shot in the mouth than someone else getting a shot in the head.

    Anybody who votes no is a freedom hating fascist! :p
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  9. Victoria1987

    Victoria1987 Member

    Yeah, pretty much.
  10. done-that

    done-that Guest

    I think it should be legalized. Very few sexual relations are void of some exchange of value. Marriage for social and economic security, dates for affection,dinner and a movie. Some form of trade off is involved at every turn. If we are upfront and dispense with the social aspect or romance then it is illegal or immoral. Bunch of BS in my opinion!
  11. AmyBeachGirl

    AmyBeachGirl Member

    Yeah well it is something I would never contemplate but hey what's wrong with two consenting adults agreeing to use each other, one for sex one for money.
  12. packer

    packer Guest

    other than the health issue i never really understood why someone can't sell their body for the use of another person. it's their body.
  13. LetLovinTakeHold

    LetLovinTakeHold Cuz it will if you let it

    Legalizing and regulating prostitution could eliminate most of the problems associated with it.
  14. monkjr

    monkjr Senior Member

    It should be legal, but heavily regulated to make sure people of age are participants only, and that security is always present and that the patrons get pat downs to make sure they aren't carrying something that could hurt one of the sex workers.

    I am concerned though that perhaps security won't recognize between a patron just having rough sex with one of the prostitutes or if the patron is actually trying to hurt them.

    So unless the security guard is in the room while the prostitute is doing her job on a do you prevent the loss of the sex workers?
  15. Hasjtag

    Hasjtag Member

    I believe it is legal where I live. And I think that's totally OK.

    The only downside is that not every prostitute has made the choise herself and some of them are victim of loverboys.
  16. wiggleworm

    wiggleworm Member

    in some cases it is...any man with a wife can tell you that.
  17. -Yggdrasil-

    -Yggdrasil- Einherjar

    Nah, keep it illegal. I'd make me pissed off knowing some stanky manky no good whore could earn more than me.
  18. Pokerguy

    Pokerguy Member

    In the word of the late great George Carlin:

    Selling is legal.
    Fucking is legal.
    Why is selling fucking illegal???
  19. Just_a_woman

    Just_a_woman Member

    Here, it is legal. It's a good thing, because they can retire like everybody else.
  20. monkjr

    monkjr Senior Member

    Unfortunately, I just read that a court case in Texas basically set the legal precedent that if a prostitute decides to turn a client down, that client can shoot them with a gun.


    (This second link is a blog reaction to the news story above it, so it's less credible but the blogger does bring up a point which can be discussed in this thread as well as the others)

    But I digress, with fine tuning of the law, if prostitution were legalized and regulated hopefully less of the above scenario would occur.

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