Should I take 5 OC80 or 30 10/325 Watsons?

Discussion in 'Opiates' started by diem, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. diem

    diem Guest

    Same price.

    I've already got about 25 of the watson 853 yellows. I am wondering which would be more beneficial. I hadn't taken opiates in 6+ months but 35mg just made me feel slightly good.

    Should I opt for the 5 OC80's or the 30 yellow watsons? Same price? Also picking up some roche valiums. Kinda urgent. Thanks fellas :cheers2:

    PS: I've never taken oxycontin, only oxycodone
  2. burnabowl

    burnabowl Dancing Tree

    without question the 5 oc80's...

    mixing oc+valium not recommended
  3. diem

    diem Guest

    Don't plan on mixing benzos + opiates. I know all about that. Just wanted to know.
  4. lol i thought he was asking which one he should take.. like dose.. i was gonna say.. either way 400mg of oxy would probably kill a man.. same with 300mg of hydro... hahaha.. but now that your askin which to buy.. i would go with the 5 OC80s..
  5. diem

    diem Guest

    LOL yeah the title was definitely worded wrong. Thanks for the advice, I'm gonna pickup the oxys :)
  6. Feelings Of U4ia

    Feelings Of U4ia Senior Member

    Take the Oxy's. The others are Hydrocodone, which are significantly weaker then Oxycodone.

    Also, Oxycontin IS Oxycodone. Oxycontin is just time-released Oxycodone. When you crush it, it become instant release Oxycodone.

    Why do people think that Oxycontin is a completely different drug?

    I guess how people don't understand that Percocet = Oxycodone = Oxycontin = Roxicodone.

    All the same thing, just different variations.

    Same as the fact that:

    Vicodin = Lortab = Hydrocodone. All the same.

    My dose of Oxycodone is 300-400mg at once, lol.
  7. sam&ella

    sam&ella Member

    duh...get 'em both
  8. Euphorial

    Euphorial Member

    :cheers2: +1
  9. NorCaliGreenFiend

    NorCaliGreenFiend Senior Member

    Damn, that sucks. but seriously, it literally took me five seconds to click on the link, read the first sentence and do the math to figure out which you should take. its a simple equation: 300< 400. hydro< oxy.

  10. i prefer to think of it as 300 != 400
  11. blitz7341

    blitz7341 Banned

    it depends. if you have no tolerance to opiates i would definatley recomend going with the hydrocodones. they will last you longer. if you do have a tolerance however go with the oxy's. recently after doing some opana and oxy's i went back to hydros and they didnt work:banghead:.
  12. stonerman420

    stonerman420 Member

    id break out those ocs then when those are gone pop the vics. thats how id do it. i wouldnt recomend taking my advice tho. i love opiates with a passion.

    oh and like the person said above about opana.....get some....
  13. i'd say a nice steady mix of both.. let the hydrocodone potentiate the oxy
  14. does2

    does2 Member

    Wow, nice price. Be careful.... Oh yeah, if you cannot get both, go with the oxy.
    It is a no brainer.
  15. SpENS93

    SpENS93 Illuminati

    may i ask how much ur payin

  16. price? where did he list prices? maybe i be blinded by the light

  17. Opana is the bees knees
  18. does2

    does2 Member

    In his first post, he says they are the same price.
    For the same price, I would get oxy.
  19. Euphorial

    Euphorial Member

    wait... wouldn't 400mg of oxy last longer than 300mg of hydrocodone??? :confused:

    I'd say it's no question that he should get the oxy, in either of those cases concerning tolerance.
  20. CoLdFuSioN167

    CoLdFuSioN167 Member

    lol - same here!

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