Should i get a PSP?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by C10ckW0rk0r4ng3, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. I was just wondering if i soulod get a PSP? Please suggest some of your favourite games that would make it worth buying...
  2. Hesh

    Hesh Member

    i got a PSP. i bought a couple games for it, but i love how i can also use it as a mp3 player, video player, photos etc. i can convert/shrink a dvd down and watch it on the go.
  3. Baby McNasty

    Baby McNasty Member

    I personally dont think PSP are worth the price. the only good game is Monster Hunter and i wouldnt pay the money for the one game THUMBS UP
  4. GnomeChild

    GnomeChild Member

    one word for u... NO!
  5. CSP101

    CSP101 Member

    no you shouldn't It really isn't that entertaining
  6. maddhatter

    maddhatter Senior Member

    i had one but it gets really boring after a while. unless your constantly moving and wanting to play video games at the same time, then i'd say don't get one.
  7. PurpleSAC

    PurpleSAC Member

    I had a few that I modded and sold for more. but if you mod it than i would get one. internet, games, videos, music. I just don't like how big it's a nice size but i can't just fit it in my pocket and be on the go and play games when i want and surf the net when i'm board without pulling out this big ol black thing from my pants...that didn't sound right. hahaha
  8. Finnaz

    Finnaz Champagne Socialist

    Yeah, I'd say get one, and mod it. Then (if you aren't averse to video game piracy) then you get free games. It's definitely worth it once modded anyway. You can get all sorts on it (youtube, emulators ect) I'd say yeah.
  9. Mr. Melty

    Mr. Melty Member

    Old topic but...
    ^ for the simple fact that you can put every console behind the ps2/gamecube/xbox generation in a handheld console, not to mention music/videos and psp games (god of war, kingdom hearts: birth by sleep, patapon) yes, you should get one...
    but, not before an xbox 360 or wii or something like that... just, if you have money to blow :p
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