should growing still be illegal

Discussion in 'Cannabis Activism' started by Hobes, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. Hobes

    Hobes Member

    should growing be illegal, and make it a thing where you need a licence. it is the same with Alcoholic beverages so it is not totly not fair. please give your reasons why or why would also make it so it could be taxed so the gov will be happyer about legalisation.
  2. Hobes

    Hobes Member

    you know i can tell 11 people have saw this now and not put anything on this.i would at least like your thoughts
  3. UrsusKind

    UrsusKind U like Chris Farley?

    I thikn growing should be legal. I mean the worst part of controled substances is the amount of violence the control creates.

    But they need the violence.....The violence makes fear.....the fear makes the average person willing to give lots of money and power to people who frame themselves as the people working against the violence when they created the violence in the first place.
  4. Born2Lose

    Born2Lose Member

    Man, are people really that stupid. Never compare alcohol with marijuana. I mean never. Alcohol kills people all the time, they die from doing retarded things or getting alcohol poisoning.

    Now, marijuana has never had one death from smoking it. It's an herb, and it helps people relax.

    I vote hell no, growing and smoking weed should be legal everywhere. And alcohol should be illegal. And if the government is crying about it taxes all they have to do is make it legal. And then everyone would be happy. Because the government would get their taxes, and we would get out bud at lower than normal prices.
  5. Hobes

    Hobes Member

    people do dumb things on MJ too. and the intoxication is MUCH quicker, and more far as "it's a herb" yes. maybe but THC is a DRUG so the argument is not vary thought out and annoying the hell out of me. i NEVER said not to smoke it i said not to grow it without a lisence. and NOT one that is not for sail like the first one.thanks for replying
  6. Willy_Wonka_27

    Willy_Wonka_27 Surrender to the Flow

    in my opinion, all drugs should be legal. all naturally occurring drugs should be legal for anyone to grow. all chemically derived drugs should be legal to create with a license(for safety and quality control proposes)
  7. Hobes

    Hobes Member

    thank you for not bashing me (like someone).but i must note something. you say a license for all chemically derived drugs for safety and quality control proposes. but if we do the same with weed we can stop people from putting stuff in it making it less SAFE. everyone here dose it (why i am waiting for college) and thank you for not bashing me once again.i am neutral on this and that is why i want your thoughts
  8. killswitchjd

    killswitchjd Senior Member

    your comparing it yourself there boy
  9. Born2Lose

    Born2Lose Member

    Well, i was comparing it. But that's not what i was talking about. (You probably get what i was trying to say, but you just had to say it. :p )
  10. Hobes

    Hobes Member

    or i have an idea. why dont we make it so you need a license to deal.
  11. Born2Lose

    Born2Lose Member

    If it was every legalized that's exactly what the government would do. So they could have some control over it. Although, i don't think it should be that way.

    And well, if dealers had to do that, then say goodbye to your hookups.
  12. i dont think they will ever (or if they do it wont be for a very long time) legalize recreational pot, so growing will be illegal however they will loosen the laws on medical pot and lower pot jail sentences and legalize small amounts like a g- 2gs but nothing like in amsterdam where you can smoke on the streets and shit. but i should be legalized, i mean it doesnt have and physical addiction like cigs do, just dont allow smoking and driving, high in public, underage(18) or selling to underage. go NORML
  13. 420MAN

    420MAN Member

    I don't think it will ever be legal, there is just too much money beening made it fighting the war on drugs on both sides, suppling the pot that takes pennies to grow, you can supple all the pot you need in the US by growing a 100 acres and the jails and police that make 100's milllions keeping in off the streets, money makes the US go around sad but true.
  14. Hobes

    Hobes Member

    ahh restate that cause i could not under stand it
  15. crummyrummy

    crummyrummy Brew Your Own Beer Lifetime Supporter

    they have that in states that allow Medical Marijuana. Its not like anybody but stoners with a spare 120 bucks ever gets a prescription. I mean, you o to a dispensery, and they tell you whih DR. to go to. That Dr. gives you a sheet where you tell him your problem ( insomnia seems to be the prevailing "ailment used". No examination, money changes hands, and a years long prescription is granted. I am not anti pot or anti medical marijuana, but this abuse by stoners is gonna get those leniency laws repealed, and its gonna be the cancer and aids patients that suffer the worst of it.
    *steps off soap box*
    sorry 'bout that rant.
  16. Hobes

    Hobes Member

    i thank that was a good point. off topic but a good point.
  17. doom876

    doom876 Member

    You know, you can grow tobacco without a license. They cant say "this is legal, but you cant grow it", that would REALLY piss some people like me off.
  18. doom876

    doom876 Member

    Have to say this, money is lost LOST LOST on the drug war. LOok at tobacco, most people would still buy it from companies for conveniance, they'de make a tidy profet.
  19. Hobes

    Hobes Member

    true but tobacco has a MUCH LOWER intox, and you should know this.
  20. doom876

    doom876 Member

    That isn't the point, and uss, dont tell me what I should know, that shit REALY pisses me off. Anyway, they cant say "smoke but dont grow" no mater what it is because that would be a big bright red light showing its favor to the smoking companies, pissing off non smokers and those who were gonna grow it. Plus, tobacco is just as bad for you as pot, pot can slow tumor growths, and it clears out of your lungs faster.

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