Should Australia be a Republic?

Discussion in 'Australia' started by mario118, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. mario118

    mario118 Member

    hey people!!! I'm Genie from Malaysia. I was just wondering, should australia be a republic for a constitutional change? What do you all think? Leave your comments...hehe
  2. guy

    guy Senior Member

    the idea of the republic is to throw out the present constitution in the name of unbridled ambition.
  3. lalalamort

    lalalamort Fucked up upstairs

    shut up guy
  4. guy

    guy Senior Member

    yes.... but whats your OPINION? after all thats what the author was asking us for not what you wanted of me?

    after all this time still no answer

    i obviously struck a dry well there
  5. Yes we should become a republic...the Monarchy is a decaying institution and is a representative of every aspect of the old conservative Australia...we need to break off from this sinking ship. This will also give the other countries in the Commonwealth a chance in the Commonwealth Games lol.

    REPUBLIC NOW!!! REMEMBER 1975...."Well may we all say God save the Queen...because nothing will save the Governor General." Edward Gough Whitlam (PM from 1972-75)
  6. Australia is running dry on independent spirit and inspiration and were long overdue for a kickstart to take us somewhere other than America or Britain's little brother.

    Maybe its just me growing older and more realistic, but has anyone noticed that Australians have become more racist, more selfish and far less enthusiastic about positive things like multiculturalism and the working class spirit over the past decade?
  7. I won't let you become a republic unles we can too, it's not fair. bloody royal family.
  8. sky.high

    sky.high Member

    With the chance of getting yelled at by a monarchist.

    Yes I think Australia should be a Republic. I don't believe we should be "technically" under the queen as she doesn't even live in our country!
    Anyhow; that's MY opinion! :)
  9. Elizabeth77

    Elizabeth77 Member

    It's all the same to me..
  10. Finnaz

    Finnaz Champagne Socialist

    No! S'mine!

    Joking aside, yeah I think it should be, but I doubt the change would be more than an superficial one.
  11. timewarp

    timewarp Member

    Australia is already should just get of the Commonwealth....we can make it on our own!! :)
  12. timewarp

    timewarp Member

    Australia is already indie, it should just get out of the Commonwealth....we can make it on our own!! :)

  13. timewarp

    timewarp Member

    Sorry for the doubles! :(
  14. guy

    guy Senior Member

    the idea of the republic is to

    1 disown our history

    2 get rid of the constitution

    when the middle class reach critical mass in any country with a monarchy they over throw the monarchy. eventually they substitute the monarchy and become a wealthy aristocracy in its place.
  15. Face Eater

    Face Eater Banned

    Guy I always remembered you as a smart person. Why would you become embroiled in such an outdated idea?

    The idea of the republic is to...

    1 Instil a new sense of pride and sense of independence in a nation which is dragged down by its dependencies on more powerful nations like the USA. whilst preserving our history (which naturally exists in the minds of its people no matter who we call our supreme leader)

    2 Break away from a nation which holds little influence whatsoever, and whose influences are highly undesirable ie. tendencies towards nanny statism, lack of recognition of free speech, conservatism, privatisation. I have lived there. The United Kingdom's politics frightened me.

    This wealthy aristocracy already exists despite our fake allegience to the Queen. In this modern age its completely irrelavent to the question.
  16. guy

    guy Senior Member

    before kevin rudd came to power he was transported to america to meet murdoch - at least thats what we were told. wouldn't it just be better to just remove the constitution and have it that an american governor general be installed? kevin went to america before he went to britain, what does that tell you about independence and nationhood??

    "Break away from a nation which holds little influence" - well then if this is true why all the fuss, things can just rumble along without too much fuss. oh thats right nation building i remember now.

    i have lived in the uk too, yes it has many problem, problems that are now being replicated in australia. the difference is that feudalism has never been strong here, the australian nation is still too young for feudalism to take hold. the road to feudalism for australia is ironically the same to road to "the republic", the rights of the peasant are greater and stronger now under a very weak influence of the monarchy then they are under the influence of australian leaders people like bob carr who now has a job with macquarie bank i believe.

    being one of the peasants i understand instinctively that is much better to have "power" weilded from a great distance from someone who has little influence than someone just down the road who has time and time proven that he can't be trusted.

    there has already been a referendum on this and it was a resounding "no" from the population. look at the votes by area and the republic is championed only by the middle class and peasants who thought GST was a great idea.

    the great thing about the present system is that it works. why fix something that works and most importantly why all the fuss?

    what is more pressing than the republic???

    creating renewable energy on a scale to curb australian CO2 output, perhaps the illustrious leaders of the republic could prove to us of their worthiness by tackling real issues than fake ones ???

    the polar ice caps are melting and the most pressing thing is the republic??
  17. Malfunc

    Malfunc Member

    In one word - ABSOLUTELY!
  18. pineapple08

    pineapple08 Members

    In this dry colonial outpost we call home, power will always be yielded from a great distance.

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