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    If you were putting together an anthology of short stories, which would be must-includes for you?

    these are mine, my tastes veer towards genre fiction.

    Details- China Mieville
    In the hills, the cities - Clive Barker
    Mrs. midnight - Reggie Oliver
    The Transformation of Martyn Lake - Jeff Vandermeer
    The Guernsback continuum- William Gibson
    Shiva, open your eye - Laird Barron
    Technicolour- John Langan
    Casting the Runes - MR James
    Gonna roll the bones - Fritz Lieber
    The Prowler in the City at the Edge of the World - Harlan Ellison
    Glacial - Alistair Reynolds

    Tried to only include one story per author (otherwise China Mieville would completely dominate the list) but these are a few off the top of my head. What would yours be?
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    Flatland, Edwin Abbot, (A journey into 2 dimensional space).

    Robbie, (the beginning of the robot series), Nightfall, (...on a world that has never known night), Isaac Asimov

    Mars is Heaven, (turned into a Twilight zone episode), I Sing the Body Electric (The Electric Grandmother), Ray Bradbury

    Farewell to the Master (The Night the Earth Stood Still), Harry Bates

    The Sentinel (2001 A Space Odyssey), Arthur C. Clark

    He Walked Around the Horses (and disappeared) , H. Beam Piper

    I, Robot (influenced Asimov's book, I Robot), Eando Binder
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    Excellent, I'll give them a shot :)
  4. kundera' short stories are amazing. also the ones of borges.

    sorry, ive read em all in turkish, i dont know the english names of the stories..

    have fun..
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    Any short story by Joseph Conrad
  6. fundoo

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    Auto, I don't know ANY of those! lol

    Not an extensive list, but these would have to be included for sure;

    Nine Stories-J.D. Salinger
    Welcome to the Monkey House-Kurt Vonnegut (actually, I still have to finish these. oops! :) )

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