Short intro to Cannabis and Mushroom.

Discussion in 'Make Your Own Drugs' started by Liroy, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. Liroy

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    !! This lesson might be boring for people that already know their stuff about weed and mushrooms, sorry for that, but it's essential information in my humble opinion prior to starting everything !!

    Intro Lesson

    after a long wait, here we are then:
    The first "lesson", as promised.

    Like I said, the first one or two lessons are not going to be very interesting,
    though it will be essential for those who dont know alot about drugs.

    The drugs we will be looking at most with making food products are probably mushrooms and cannabis,
    so let me tell you something about those first.

    First of all,
    I am writing this while I am quite spaced, so please ignore more spelling mistakes if I make them :)

    I got a question if I am going to be handling food products made out of Salvia.
    Unfortunately, I wont do this.
    Simply because I doubt there is anything you can make of it, you need to smoke it, no matter how filthy it is... sorry!

    Here we go then with the lesson:

    Marijuana, Cannabis, Weed, Grass, Ganja, however you want to name it are other names for the dried tops of the Cannabis plant.
    We have 3 most common plants, whom are named:
    - Cannabis sativa:
    Very common. It can get upto 6 meters high, has long and thin leaves and contains *alot* of THC, which gives you a high or stoned feeling.
    This plant is also used by industry's to create ropes for example and for medical purposes.
    (Note: I will not go on about science and medical applications alot, as I can fill 10, probably boring to read, pages with that I'm afraid :p)

    - Cannabis sativa var. indica:
    Strong plant that can also grow easily in cold area's.
    Next to THC, this plant contains quite alot of CBD, which makes you feel more tired after using it, though it can ehance the experience.

    - Cannabis ruderalis:
    Can grow under cold circumstances. Doesnt get big at all (approx. 1.5 meter) and grows in the form of normal bushes.
    (Though with a nice smell and the leaves and THC ;))
    Plant is mostly used by the industries as it hardly contains any THC and provides alot of good material to use.

    The plant makes special chemical stuff that you cant find anywhere else in the world.
    They are named: Cannabinoides (in english terms it might defer a bit).
    (Your brains also contain some cannabinoides, but the one's the plant makes cant be found elsewhere)
    This far, approximately 60 of them have been found, but the most common one's are:
    THC, CBD, CBN and CBG of which THC and CBD are the most common and most researched.

    The 4 are:
    THC = 8-beta-11-dihydroxy-delta-9-TetraHydro-6,6,9-trimethyl-3-pentyl-6H-dibenzo[b,d]-pyran-1-ol (C21 H30 O2), which is commonly known under the name THC or TetraHydroCannabinol.
    THC mainly works as pain reducer, anti-spasm, works against infections in a good way, makes you hungry (munchies) and as anti-emeticum.

    CBD: Cannabidiol (dont know much about the chemical formula's on this one, I mainly studied and did reasearch to THC at school)
    Not psycho-active and probably a big influence on the psychic effects of THC (mainly postive way).
    It plays a big role in immunemodulation and infections.

    CBN: Cannabinol

    CBG: Cannabigeriol
    More cannabinoide's are researched, and they ofcourse wish to know the medical applications for them.
    THC and CBD are already applied for medical purposes and legalized for that purposes in growing parts of the world,
    as they can help people out alot with diseases like:
    - Spasm in combination with pain. (MS and damage to the spinalcollom)
    - Feeling sick and having to puke with chemotherapies, radiotherapy or HIV-combinationtherapy.
    - Chronic pijn (of neurogene origins)
    - Syndrom of Gilles de la Tourette
    - Stress
    - Helps people with cancer and HIV to supress pain and make them hungry so that they start eating.

    These medical applications have been acknowledged by the government.

    Most type's of cannabis usage:
    - Stick, Joint or Blunt
    - Base pipe / Pure Pipe
    - Bong (waterpipe)
    - Brownies, cakes, whatever.
    - Tea

    Important to know about weed for making stuff:
    - THC is *not* water solutable without adding extra stuff, so making tea of it will not always work to good as the THC can start floating on the water and vaporize.
    - It's impossible to go over the LD (Lethal Dose) value, your body simply cant take enough THC to cause it being a overdose, HOWEVER: you can be allergic to it which drastically changes the LD value ofcourse, so always be carefull.
    - Heating THC too much and putting it in the microwave will waste it completely.

    Now to tell you about Magic Mushrooms, shrooms!
    First of all you should know that tripping is absolutely awesome, and second: although not commonly known is that mushrooms have medical applications aswell!

    Shrooms is the general used name form mushrooms that contain the psychoactive Psilocybine and/or psilocine,
    a chemical that also works on the receptors of the cells in your body, especially in your brains.
    It can cause a very good feeling, feeling of unity, visualisations (colors) and hallicunations.
    Those are the good effects, negative things it can cause: Huge psyhic problems with people that already have problems (borderliners should never use it), it can lead you to a huge depression if you have known psychic problems.
    A bad trip is something else, but that will go away and is only a bigger risk on dangerous trips when you already have issues.


    The most common mushrooms are the fresh or dried form of:
    - Mexican (easy and funny trip)
    - Thai Gold (very strong trip, known for causing alot of visualisations)
    - Hawaiian (strong trip, known for causing alot of hallicunations)
    - Columbian (not very strong trip, outstanding for beginners to give it a shot)
    - Philosopher stones (those grow underground, very strong trip which is very distinctive over the others)

    You can eat them or make tea out of them.
    If you make tea out of them: Use water of 70 degrees celcius max. and make sure to leave them in for atleast 15 minutes.
    After that: DONT THROW THEM AWAY. just eat them :D not all the working stuff will be out of it ;)
    (Note: doint boil the mushrooms, it will waste and fuck up the chemicals, also never boil it when making soup, add them as last!)

    If you think eating them is filthy, then just wait till a lesson that will come about making food products out of it, it will make them delicious!
    Or you can just take them with a bit of grapefruit juice, that will neutralize the taste, but will not waste the psilocybine.
    (Note: dont use too much, and dont use other fruit, this is to prevent getting much vitamin C)
    When eating them, it's essential to chew as much as possible on it untill it's really pulp, and suck a bit on it, then swallow.
    The active chemicals will then work in their best way!

    If you dont feel good, you can eat alot of sugar (prefered made out of grapes), dextro or Vitamin C.
    Also, make sure to !always! drink enough water with mushrooms.
    When you eat them, make sure you havent ate too much (a bit like 1 sandwich is OK), didnt drink too much drinks like cola or sprite or coffee.
    On every trip, remember to drink atleast one glass of water per hour. That prevents hydration if you are having shit loads of fun and dont pay attention.

    Fun places to trip:
    - At home
    - In the woods
    - Beach (dont fuck around in the water though)

    Most common way to get mushrooms are:
    - Finding them in nature (dangerous if you dont know *exactly* what you are looking for, some look-a-likes are poison!)
    - Growing them yourself
    - Buying them (In Holland, you can do it in the shop)

    Well so far for this short introduction to cannabis and mushrooms.
    If you have any questions or comments, let me know.
    I hope you found this first, but pretty boring, post interesting!

    - Liroy
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  2. usfcat

    usfcat CaterCreeps

    Wonderful first post. thanks!
  3. BoHiCa606

    BoHiCa606 Member

    can't wait, im excited
  4. I_kill_emos

    I_kill_emos Member

    good stuff look forward to more, you can buy shrooms at the shops in Holland damn we need some of those stores down here :)
  5. vlaminckj

    vlaminckj Member

    very interesting and informative loved it
  6. erecnisruoma

    erecnisruoma Member

    i learned alot. thanks!
  7. Wonderful!
    I'm excited for more.
  8. Mayaxx

    Mayaxx Member

    Not much I didn't know, but nice first post...

    One note though.. Salvia can be taken by putting a leaf or two under the tongue.. this, of course don't work as well as smoking it, and you might not get all the stuff from the leaves, but for non-smokers this might be more comfortable..

  9. Excellent first post for psychedelic beginners brother. I am looking forward to the upcoming lessons, If you need any help/info on anything, PM ME.

    Also on the salvia tip, there is a way to mix it with food.... Take a big ass hit, then take a bite out of a sandwhich, then exhale :spliff: lol

    ~PeAcE & LoVe~
  10. Liroy

    Liroy Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Thank you all for your replies! :)
    I'm working on the new lesson!

    info is always welcommed :)
    I am sure that I dont know everything there is to know, so I welcome all information people want to share.

    I will verify it by testing it myself or verifying it first though ofcourse, always am double checking my own information aswell, so not meant bad or anything, just want to make sure all information is correct :D

    Thanks! :)

    - Liroy
  11. skip

    skip Founder Administrator

    No doubt! Have fun! :)

    Oh, you don't mention this, but it's easier to make honey from mushrooms that trying to steep them for 15 minutes in water.

    Just add cleaned mushrooms to a jar of honey and wait a day or so. They will disgorge their psilocybin into the honey. Add a teaspoon of honey to any tea and enjoy!

    This is a very good way to consume mushrooms because you can control the dosage once you've established the strength of the shooms....

    You also minimize the taste of the shooms this way.
  12. Liroy

    Liroy Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Haha thanks Skip! :D
    Also for the tip! :)
  13. erecnisruoma

    erecnisruoma Member

    wow thats surprisingly convinient! thank you for your knowledge, wehave great teachers here!
  14. yaa honey goood idea,haaate taste of mushies,i do think get pint glass of wate,throw dried mushies into mouth take gulp of water,chew for a sort while to make sure ya dont choke keep doing that then eat a bit of chocolate but swirl the chocolate around ya mouth before swallowing,then drink water again,its nothing major but works for me
  15. Rigby

    Rigby Member

    Very interesting information!
  16. daltooooman

    daltooooman Member

    thats alot i didnt know most of that stuff its always good to learn more peace good luck with your lesson plan when will the next one be , hit me up ttyl (--l/--)
  17. cvx

    cvx Member

    I have always found that the consumption of certian nerve pills in conjunction with mush can cause for some out of this world hallucinations (Entire environment supplimented lol).
  18. Liroy

    Liroy Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Try salvia :)
  19. bekyboo52

    bekyboo52 52~unknown~52

    that was very informative. :) thnk you :)
  20. lol please don't tkae what i'm about to say the wrong way.

    The Forum Description: How to grow and make certain drugs, such as: Marijuana, Magic Mushrooms, hashish and related drinks and food products.

    Now, besides for one cake recipe, we have learned nothing, I mean it's actually worse than real high school, cuz there you actually gained knowledge.

    The first class/forum was on October 30th, 2007. Its been almost 5 month with no real lessons!?!?!?!?

    I for one was excited about this class, now I rarely come around the forums because it's B.S.

    I say we get a new teacher who actually wants to do this and has the dedication to follow up. No offense Liroy, but your not a good teacher.

    Anyone else feel me?? I want to learn about this stuff, and after 5 freaking months the "teacher" hasn't taught shit. He says "Next week, oh this monday, I'm busy but we'll start next week, oh the 1st of this month, oh I got something in the works" it's all bullshit!!!

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