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  1. Heres my question(s)

    What are your opinions about shoplifting?

    *How do people get caught shoplifting?*
    This question really confuses me! because, i just dont get it.. how do people get caught, i've personally never done it, but i would assume it would be extremely easy, you walk in get what you need, hide it, walk out.. and if you get caught and some ones telling you to stop, RUN? how hard is that.. if they grab onto you freak out and be like "hey whoa dont touch me" or get yourself free, then just run! haha!

    I was thinking about shoplifting, from a local grocery store.. But, its not that i really want to.. Im trying to get some money but if i cant im going to end up shoplifting one thing..
    my parents are divorced (im 16) and rarely see my dad, and i left my wallet at his house.. and wont get it back for a few weeks, and im really wanting to do DXM, so im thinking of just shoplifting 1 bottle of cough syrup.. haha!
    normally i would pay, but i dont have my wallet, and my mom never lends me money, she will question me about what im spending it on..
  2. Jo King

    Jo King wannabe

    shoplifting is Stealing! what else do you need to know
  3. TroutLord

    TroutLord Member

    Dude, I don't think that dangerous drugs ae worth shoplifting for... Get somebody to front you a dubsack until you get your wallet back lol I've shoplifted, as a team, it's not hard in small places but you DO get caught in major drugstores and department stores... especially if they have cameras... It's not worth being kicked out of your local drugstore, then you gotta walk farther to get soda and shit.
  4. Mind_Explorer

    Mind_Explorer Member

    You get caught when someone notices. Most people will rat on you and they got employee's all over not to mention the cough syrup is usually by the pharmacy which is watched closely.

    You get caught they might just tell your parents or they call the cops and they decide what to do with you.
  5. RooRshack

    RooRshack On Sabbatical

    Totally depends.

    If you jack shit from walmart, I don't give a flying fuck, though I must suggest that you use the digital tools at your disposal to create cupons, or just download them, such as the free PS3 ones.... Much more bankin', much less risk, worst case scenario is your friend gave you this cupon, and if the store doesnt redeem it your callin corporate! (if they get bitchy or acusatory)

    If you steal from local stores, including supermarkets, etc, I hope you're too busy stealing to see the wet floor sign and break your neck.
  6. Shoplifters get caught because they want to. They decide it's okay to steal something from someone else and in turn, they will get affected negatively. Even if they get away with it, they will pay the price for their actions eventually, whether they realize the connection or not. That's karma for you.

    Think of the consequences of your actions... How you will feel after you have stolen, and how selfish it really is... Not worth it man.
  7. Candicimo

    Candicimo Guest

    Oh dude, dont do it. Two years ago when i was being stupid I shoplifted some stupid little colorful rainbow bracelets (Lol...) and I got caught. Who knew there were giant mirrors above me and the manager was right behind me the whole time? >facepalm< and I actually got arrested for it, though I was only in jail for about 8hours. Now I have a minor offense on my record (Well Im not exactly sure if it wass put on my record but I can assume it is) D: one of the most dumbshit things Ive ever done.
  8. Meliai

    Meliai Senior Member

    its easy to get caught shoplifting. All it takes is one person or one camera to catch you slipping something in your pocket, bag, the waist of your pants, whatever.

    I used to steal a shitload of clothes in high school. Now thats easy, all you have to do is go in the dressing room and rip off all the tags and sensors and wear the clothes out.

    Honestly, I have a hard time seeing anything immoral about shoplifting from huge corporate stores. Corporations steal from the public and from their employees in a number of different ways and corporations also aren't bothered with things like morality..morality when it comes to the environment, offering livable wages, using cheap labor overseas, driving out local business. There is no morality in the corporate world so its hard for me to condemn shoplifting as immoral.

    However, I do think it is wrong to steal from local stores. These stores are usually owned by people who have struggled and worked their asses off just to keep the business afloat. You aren't stealing from faceless shareholders in this case; you're actually stealing directly from someone who can't afford to lose the money.
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  9. Melial- You're totally right...
    Walmart deserves to be shoplifted from! But how could anyone steal from a shop that a local person started up and works hard to keep it going?
  10. drumminmama

    drumminmama Super Moderator Super Moderator

    y'know, each person working in the MallWart is just trying to get along, and likely a better job.
    Why give the individuals crap? Just don't go in, if the corporate thing offends you, but walk all your talk, and don't just go to a different corporation.

    It's thoughts like this that get us all looked at in stores.
  11. Rudenoodle

    Rudenoodle Minister of propaganda Lifetime Supporter

    The fad of hating Walmart hasn't died out in the no blood for oil crowd yet?
  12. RooRshack

    RooRshack On Sabbatical

    Walmart's awesome.

    There's so many ways to make serious bank off walmart...
  13. Nudeisnotlewd

    Nudeisnotlewd Banned

    Shops often have plain-clothes store detectives. The ones that don't are usually smaller shops, and I think people won't usually steal from there as with a smaller shop loss of goods potentiall equals loss of business, which potentially equals shopkeeper no longer being able to provide for his/her/their family. Plus the smaller shops see less customers and so remember faces.
  14. Deranged

    Deranged Senor Member

    i have no moral problem with people shoplifting from businesses that are wealthy enough...corporations and whatnot. mom and pop small businesses though...that's a pretty shitty thing to do.

    as far as stealing robitussin goes...stores might keep tabs on their robitussin because i imagine there's a whole heap of people who like to gank em to get high. if you do it, be careful. they might be watching the robitussin closely.

    i really recommend against doing dxm(the drug in robitussin) though. it's not at all healthy
  15. pillhead2

    pillhead2 Member

    PLEASE! with our economy as it is at right now in the USA do not shoplift from anywhere getting caught or not.

    It is wrong for one.

    It is a crime for two, but mainly it causes all of those of us who do go into stores and shops to have to pay for the LOSS caused by shoplifters.

    If you hate Wallyworld then fine, but don't go justifying that for stealing, please if you think you are only hurting the big dogs your adding $$ to the prices of all items and cutting the opportunity for the honest people who need to get raises, to support themselves or children, but the funds for the little man is being spent to try and prevent shoplifting or the money lost by 'petty theft' adds up and all of us pay the price for the crime done of shoplifting. Shit, it you have a major chain store like wallyworld don't go there and shop, not steal from a smaller store or market.

    Even the corporate monsters have to make up for the major losses of shoplifting by hiring more security and by raising the prices and cutting positions that could be your job someday.
  16. lovelyxmalia

    lovelyxmalia Banana Hammock Lifetime Supporter

    Yeah I wouldn't shoplift...I got over that when I was like 15
  17. la Principessa

    la Principessa Old School HF Member

    walmart is easy to steal from lol
  18. Jo King

    Jo King wannabe

    Fill me in, I like making money
  19. nerdysweet

    nerdysweet Member

    Solution: don't do DXM.
  20. la Principessa

    la Principessa Old School HF Member

    Dxm isn't half as harmful as the other shit that's in most of the Robitussin cough syrups. You have to get the ones with only DXM as an active ingredient. I never would go over 1000mg even still, that would be just scary.

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