She told me she tried sex with a man. Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Lesbian' started by dyme101, Jul 28, 2013.

  1. dyme101

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    Hi all. I need some input.

    So, I met someone about 7 months ago and we hit it off as friends. I've never dated a woman before and never had a sexual experience with one but over the months I've become very close with her and we're now in love and I'm finally comfortable with the idea of being in a relationship with a woman. This is a very abbreviated version of the motions we've had to go through to get to this point, btw. Regardless, the energy between us is amazing and we're connected on many levels. It's been long distance for most of the relationship and we've never had sex. She's also a "stud" although she hates labels and doesn't identify as one but carries herself in a more masculine exterior fashion although she's feminine in a lot of ways as well.

    Initially she told me that she wouldn't want anything done to her because she doesnt like oral and shes tried it before. Over the months, she's now told me she'd "let me do anything" to her and it's the first time she's felt that way. Well, that's fine but yesterday she told me that she's in fact tried sex with a guy before but she wasn't aroused and it didn't go in. She said she wanted to know if she was really fully a lesbian and try it once. But she also said that anything could happen in the future and maybe she'd fall in love with a man because she's not sexually attracted to men but finds some men attractive. Huh? Anyway, she then told me she'd even let me use a strap on her and had a dream of me doing that which let her know there was something different about our connection and she'd let me do anything with her. Um, I haven't even had sex with a woman let alone thought about that level of lesbian sex.

    So now I feel a bit off put. I used to joke with her in the beginning that she'd prolly end up with a guy and she would react as if I'd said pigs would fly. I'm wondering now if she's still unsure of her sexuality and she's possibly predominantly only attracted to "straight" girls because of it. All her past relationships have been with straight girls who eventually left her.

    Is this normal for lesbians who identify as more masculine to have questions about sex with men and to even try it?

    I'm not even sure why I feel weird about this now so I'm trying to understand my feelings here. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. silk896

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    Many women who identify as lesbian seem to have dabbled in hetero sex to varying degrees.
    It is far from unknown.

    However that is not saying anything about the girl in question in your post.
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    Yes many lesbians even studs have tried the other side for many many reasons like wanting an easier socalled normal life ect..ect However going for str8/bicurious girls is not any less nonhetero then any other two females getting it on together strapon or not.

    Also it is possible for lesbians to really love being fucked by strapons and not want anything to do with men.

    It seems you both are exploring your sexualities at this point in your lives, but if you feel uncomfortable with strapon or her being female then maybe you might not want to go there with her.


    Maybe a good way to get better used to the idea of having sex with a woman is cybering, when done right it can be very enjoyable.

    The best way is to take turns, while your sexting partner describes what they want to do to you, you imagine this taking place while pleasuring yourself,
    and after you have finished, you do the same for her.

    Some people sext back and forth at the same time, but that is'nt very productive.

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