Sexually Aroused with Women When You're Gay?

Discussion in 'Coming Out and Confused!' started by LogsOnSticks, Jan 26, 2005.

  1. LogsOnSticks

    LogsOnSticks Member

    To me, it doesn't make sense.

    You hear stories about how a gay guy had sexual relations with women before they either knew they were gay, or when they were in the closet.

    However, I don't see how a closet or confused gay man could perform sexual intercourse with women if they aren't exactly aroused by it.

    If you're talking about the human body, guys get horny when they are aroused by something, thus resulting in an erection and other orgasmic details.

    So, if you're in the closet or not so sure, how the hell could you have pulled it off with a women if the sexual arousement isn't there or powerful to start with, since you're drawn to men?

    I'm in the closet, yet I haven't been with a women, but as I think about it, I don't understand how gay guys were able to have sex with women if they aren't exactly drawn to them, because I can't see myself getting horny over a woman if I were in that position.

    Anyone who had experience or has thoughts explain this?

    LOSTBOY7 Member


    LOSTBOY7 Member

    you are 100% gay the guys that can go with women are not 100% gay thats just the way it is i don think one any can say how you shod feel
  4. JayJ

    JayJ Member

    to say you're gay, doesn't always mean you're 100% gay...pretty much just says that you prefer men over women. of course, some people are just 178.2% gay (like myself now after experimenting) lol....Was a time, when I used to think I was "straight" too....well by that, I mean that I felt drawn to women more than men (and yes, I had sexual relationships with a couple women), but over time my preferences changed and I don't get sexually aroused by women at all now. So whoever says that homosexuality is medical, needs to smack themselves upside the head...obviously not.
  5. gertie

    gertie Senior Member

    have you ever thought about someone when doing anything? imagining they are someone else? everyone is different. and we should try to judge them or pigeonhole them. (i mean, come on then there's the whole "bi curouis" thing or the "i played in the minors, but never went pro")
  6. LogsOnSticks

    LogsOnSticks Member

    I'm not trying to be judgemental.

    In fact, I am aware that there are probably a variety of reasons towards this whole situation.

    I just wanted to see if my reasons were valid by listening to those who had experience or who share similar reasons, too.
  7. Faerie

    Faerie Peachy

    Or How about my look on Gay/Straight, You can love how ever you want, You love a person, not a gender.... And girl or boy.. you can be attracted to either... im usually more attraceted to the person, as apose to the body or genitalia
  8. Abyle

    Abyle Member

    By your theory, I could not masturbate with a vibrator. Sex feels nice. And if he's into bears, Closet Boy might get turned on by wifey's droopy titties. :p
  9. SkeeterVT

    SkeeterVT Member

    All of us are born with the potential to be either gay, straight or bisexual. Depending on where one lives and the influences of his or her social environment, one's sexual orientation often develops in one direction or the other (I don't buy that "gay gene" nonsense, for if such a gene existed, then there has to also be a "bi gene" -- and nobody seems to be willing to even investigate THAT).

    Even if one eventually realizes that he or she is bi, that individual will most likely be more easily attracted to one gender than to the other.

    I'm a bi male who had strong attractions to both guys and gals during my teen years in the late '60s and early '70s. I was heavily influenced by the hippies of that era (To this day, I have a particularly strong attraction to long-haired individuals). But when I hit my 20s, my "straight" side fell dormant and I remained exclusively gay for 20 years, coming out at age 25.

    Then as I approached age 40, I developed a very strong crush -- both erotically and romantically -- with a woman who was a housemate of mine. She turned me down, but I realized from that experience that, for the sake of honesty, I couldn't call myself "gay" anymore, so I came out bi on my 40th birthday. It was my second coming out.

    So it's not unusual for a guy to come out gay (or bi) after years of having been straight. I'm that rare bird that came out bi after years of being gay. The bottom line is that, contrary to what many people say, sexual orientation is fluid, not hard-wire rigid. It can change over time; I'm living proof of that.

    -- Skeeter

  10. PhotoGra1

    PhotoGra1 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    fags attracted to women! What is this world comming too?!?

  11. daniel

    daniel Member

    For me women are very good friends! But attraction in that sense.. don't think so
  12. be.

    be. Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    I had lotsa girlfriends and lots of sex before I decided I wouldn't be with women anymore. I got sick of having to break up with them because I cheated on them with boys. It happened all the time. I was trying to be a normal straight man, and I had my act down, crusty ass beard and all. I am capable of real emotional bonding with women, probably because I've always wanted to be one, sex just kinda seemed to be the thing to do, and boy did I learn a lot from them all. Intimacy arouses me, especially when they're all soft and supple -which is my ideal for beauty in a person of either gender. All I know is, today, and for as far as I can see, I want dick. There are beautiful special people of all genders, but I'm looking to get with the outies.
  13. timjim2

    timjim2 Guest

    I have been married for a few years now and I still get turned on by my wife and other women, but I also like men. I am equally attracted to both, but I don't think I could ever live with a man. I have never acted on my gay feelings and I never will as long as I am married. But men can most definitely be aroused by both a woman or a man. The penis is very sensitive and if someone touches it it gets hard and once it's hard, you are good to go.

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