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Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by enigma_rising, Jun 3, 2004.

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    hey all, im 17 weeks pregnant with my first baby and have had a very medical pregnancy so far due to problems, but im really feeling a lack of spiritual guidence or support. midwives and books are all very well to tell you how big your baby is or how to deal with morning sickness but when it comes to the huge experience for the soul that having a baby is theres so little information or support. i'd like to hear some of your views on things like babies spiritual development in the womb, do women give a bit of there souls to their babies? what changes inside a mother to be, how does her state affect the baby, what can you do to help and encourace an unborn child's soul? how does the experience connect you with the rest of creation, does it chance it at all, you get my drift, i hope, lol. its such a strange issue to me being in the middle of it that i find it hard to get my thoughts clear sometimes, meditation helps but im in need of some new leads to follow, and would like to hear others experiences.

    PS. may seem a little odd to post this here rather than in parenting but i felt it was apropriate since love and sex is where my baby sprung from, lol.
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    Dont stress pretty mama. I know book that what will help you find the beauty and spirituality of all this. It helped me to change the entire outlook of my pregnancy.

    I personally think that your baby is an aspect of yourself. Our children are our future, and we hope for them to go farther, and do better than we have. I tried to keep myself calm, and sent alot of loving energies to my baby. Being pregnant was the most HOLIEST time in my life. I was pregnant with the universe it felt like, and I would speak to my baby with my voice and mostly mind.

    It is called Spirtual Midwifery.... It is exactly what you are looking for. Try Amazon or your local libraries.

    PS: I really think you should post it on parenting. Thare a plenty of great mamas that can give lots of good advice.

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