Sex Story: .Perfect.Hands.

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    His hands. Everything started out with those perfect hands of his. The way they perfectly fit into mine. The way his fate line would touch his life line when he would ball his hands up into fists. Even the way his nails looked painfully short because of his nervous habit of biting them had made them perfect.

    If it wasn’t for those perfect creations at the end of his wrists, my clothes would have never hit the ground. My hair would have never been completely messed up. My bare back would have never hit his bed. Most importantly, I never would have realized what I was missing if it wasn’t for those insanely, amazing hands.
    Happily, his hand were perfect.

    "So what’s up in the crazy world of Ace?" he asked as he walked threw the door holding two bottle’s in his hand.
    "Not too much, just that David is being an asshole and canceled on our movie plans." I said hanging up my phone and putting it into my purse. "Said he has a cold when I could hear his bitch ,Amy in the back ground giggling. So I broke up with him and told him to show his little three inches to Amy so she could point out how cute it is."
    "Woh, someone’s pissed. Here, this should cheer you up." he said handing me a bottle of Snow Berry Creek Boone’s Farm and smiling. "I know it’s you’re favorite and I just thought you’d like it."
    "You got it on sale didn’t you?" I laughed.
    "Just because it was on sale doesn’t mean I wasn’t thinking of you ,my dear." He said laughing and sitting down next to me on his bed.
    We opened up our bottles and drank, his being a beer instead of three dollar wine.
    "You know, I still don’t know how you can’t keep a god damn boyfriend." he said drinking again.
    "Well, what can I say, Dean, I’m a weird chick and not too many men can handle my kind." I laughed taking another drink.
    "What do you wanna listen to?" Dean asked looking threw his C.D. case.
    "I don’t know, just put you’re ipod on random." I said as he did so. "So how about you?"
    "What?" he asked confused.

    Bob Marley’s Could You Be Loved started playing and I started humming until I asked:
    "How come you can’t hold a girl down? You’re decently hot and you’re fun, how come you can’t keep one tied down?"
    "I don’t know, I guess I’m just a loser like that. But I have had my eyes open on this one girl I know." he said as his perfect hands twisted his beer around and around.
    "Really? Well, what’s she like?" I asked laying down on his bed, using him as a pillow.
    "Well," he started. "She loves paranormal shit, she’s really into it and she want’s to get a degree in shit like that. She is a total blast to go drinking with. She always seems to have fun no matter where she is. Um, she’s kinda a hippie, all of her friends call her one. She’s very spiritual and in her own little world a lot."
    "Well, what does she look like?" I asked drinking about a 4th of the bottle now.
    "She has these amazing eyes, like yours. A greyish blue, like the ocean after a storm." He said staring down into my eyes and then looking out into the distance. "And her hair. By god, her hair is a word you would hit me for saying."
    "What, dingey?"
    "No," he laughed. "Unique. It has a mind of it’s own, it’s brown with banana curls all over."
    I froze. Paranormal, a drinker, friends think she’s a hippie, my eyes, banana curls. He was describing me.

    "Mr. Dean Spade, if I didn’t know any better," I said sitting up and leaning against him. "I’d say you were describing me."
    He started to blush a little and took a big gulp of his beer. He then set his beer down with his perfect hands and then faced me. With his perfect hands ,he grabbed mine and looked into my eyes.

    "Ace, I have liked you ever sense we first met over 11 years ago. I mean, who the hell wouldn’t? You’re beautiful, you don’t care what people think about you, you know how to have a good time and you have showed me more things than I could have ever imagined." he said.
    "Dean, you know we have tried this before, it just doesn’t work out like in fairy tales." I said letting go of his perfect hands.
    A frown fell onto his face and we were stuck in an awkward silence for what felt like forever. Every moment was hell. I started thinking of all the memories I had with him. The way he held me at my grandfather's funeral. The way he danced with me at all those high school dances. How he drove to my house in the middle of the night because I cut my hand open, just so he could take me to the hospital. How he tucked me into bed every time we would go drinking.

    Every memory was a push. A push toward him. Toward what he wanted us to be. I finally couldn’t take it. He was right. We should be together. We might work this time if we tried. The last time we tried we were 18, seniors in high school. We were 22 now. We could make it work.

    I started checking him out, out of the corner of my eye. His body was everything I lusted. Hair longer than long enough to pull. His body was sculpted to perfection and I just wanted to tear that white shirt and baggy jeans off him. I snapped under pressure. I finished of my bottle of wine and set it down.

    "You’re right." I said pushing him to lay down on the bed.
    I started to kiss him and he kissed back intensely. I pulled of his shirt and started kissing down his sternum, bitting down every once in a while. I moved back up and bit him hard on his neck. He moaned and I kissed him to get him to be quite.

    I jumped off of him and pulled him up off his bed. I slammed him against the wall and started to make out with him with such a passion that I had never once before felt. I started kissing down his sternum and my nails were running down his arms. He held his perfect hands around my hips and started moving them up and down my back.

    I grabbed the back of his neck and started kissing him, moving him off the wall and then throwing him on the bed. I got on top of him, straddling him and kissing him. He pushed me up and quickly took my tube top off and threw it across the room. My tits were free from the tube top’s binding grip.

    Things started to slow down all of a sudden. I slid off him and laid down by his side. He turned facing me and kissed me softly. I grabbed his perfect hand and placed it over my heart, which happened to be under my breast. I could feel it beating through his hand and onto mine. I released his hand as a sign to do as he wished.

    He closed his eyes and we bent our heads in and they touched. He moved his hand that was on my breast, up to my neck and pulled me into an amazing kiss. He let go of the kiss sooner that I had wished.

    "I can’t do this." he whispered softly.
    My eye were wide open to this statement. I was in shock.
    "What?" My hands that were once around his waist were moving up to his neck and directing his face toward mine. "What do you mean, I though you wanted this?"
    "I do, but you don’t."
    "No, Dean, I really do. That awkward silence we had made me realize that this is what I want. I want you, I want this, I want us. It didn’t work then because we were only 18, neither of were ready, But we are now, I know we can make this work. I love you and I know you love me." I said grabbing him and kissing him. "I know we can."
    He started to laugh and I had no idea why he would be laughing at a moment like this.

    "I wasn’t talking about that, I know this is what you want and that you love me, you wouldn’t have grabbed me and kissed me if you didn’t, you would have walked right out that door and right out of my life. What I was saying is you don’t want to do it like this."
    "I d-" I started confused, but he interrupted me.
    "Go get the box under my dresser and you will understand." he smiled.
    "Ohhh..." I smiled back.
    I got up off the bed and walked over to his torn up dresser. I grabbed a small wooden box from underneath it and opened it wide. Inside were about nine condoms. I looked back at him and smiled.

    "You’re choice." he laughed.

    I grabbed one at random and tossed it to him. I closed the box back up and walked over to the bed.

    "You sure you want this out of us?" he asked me running his perfect fingers from his perfect hands, threw my hair.
    "I’m positive I want this, but I’m not sure if you’ll like it."
    "What do you mean?" he asked kissing me. "I love you so it wont matter how it is, just the fact that we did shows us both that we can make this work."
    "No, I’m saying I pretty much suck as sex."

    He kissed me as a sign of not caring, and I kissed back and I started to bite his chest afterward. I kissed back up to his neck and whispered :

    "Bite me, scratch me, love me." In his ear.

    He did just that. He started digging his nails into my back and I started to moan. He bit me in the neck and I almost had an orgasm. He bit me again and I did. I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. His boxers showed that his friend was awake and read for business.

    I pulled his boxers off and grabbed the condom from the bed , taking it out of it’s wrapping. I put it on him and Dean started to take my jeans off, then my panties, dropping both of them to the floor. I sat up on top of him and lowered myself on.
    He started to thrust up and it was the most amazing feeling I had ever felt in my life. I leaned down and started to kiss him as he thrusted up. I started pressing back and he thrusted harder. I grabbed his neck and pulled him on top of me. I started to scratch into his back and I bit his chest hard enough to bleed. He moaned and started to thrust harder. I screamed and dug my nails even deeper into his back.

    He started to bite my neck even more and he pulled my face up with his perfect hands and kissed me amazingly. He stopped thrusting and pulled me up. We kissed and kissed until he finally started thrusting with both of us sitting up. I held one hand around his shoulder and used the other one to scratch his chest while making out with him. I lifted my head up and he kissed the front of my neck and then bit it hard.

    "Harder!" I breathed out.

    He thrusted harder than ever. And leaned me against the wall right next to his bed. He thrusted hard and every thrust my lower back slammed against the wall. I pushed him in front of me and he fell with his back on the bed. I straddled him and started riding him like a horse. I could tell he couldn’t go much longer with out screaming. I slowed down and got off him, laying at his side, panting and out of breath.

    "Oh my fucking god! And you thought you would be horrible!" he said turning to face me.
    "You weren’t too bad yourself." I laughed.
    He leaned in and kissed me. His perfect hands holding my face. He sat up and laid down onto the pillows behind him. I crawled up next to him and laid my head down on his chest. His heart was beating rapidly but I could tell it was slowing down to a normal pace.

    I looked up at him and he smiled. From behind his headboard of the bed, he grabbed a pack of Camel Wides. Inside was a two cigarettes and a lighter. He handed me one and the grabbed the other one. He lit mine and then lit his own.
    I was in a smokey oasis, and I wouldn’t have traded any of it for the world...
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    my darling you are an amazing writter. i loved every part of that. and sex appeal is a wonderful thing. keep writting

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