(Sex ques) Only For Men Or What?

Discussion in 'Lesbian' started by ninabi, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. ninabi

    ninabi Member

    Hi all!,
    Me and my girlfriend are both bisexual, we've a ’special’ passion for butts and we both got pretty well shaped ones too and we like to compare them with each other just for fun.
    But then she showed me this thing, it was like in bed she rubbed, bumped, pressed her butt against mine, and I thought it was pretty funny in the beginning. She wanted me to do it with her too and I couldn’t really refuse, now we’re doing it together all the time:) and I love it ALOT. We press, rub, slam and massage our butts together in several ways and positions. We both get very aroused on the thought of that our intimate parts almost or sometimes are touching each other, like private parts getting in contact. But it’s also a great pleasure to just feel our soft buttocks goin together. I don’t really know why we like this so much but I guess it's having a is based of our obsession for other womens butts.:p
    I've heard that this is mostly a "gay men" thing which is called frottage, but we're two ladies who actually love doin this thing to. Since we're both bi and doesn't feel that comfortable doin the "tribadism" thing together, we're doing this milder version of it instead and it's just Wonderful.

    I wonder what y'all think about this.
    Are me and my gf really that alone about by doin this thing or is there other les or bi women who've experienced this?

    XoXo Nina
  2. Never tried it myself but it sounds like great fun.
  3. ninabi

    ninabi Member

    Oh... I did the topic a little wrong, what I meant was like (only men doin this?). ^^

    (how corny, strange and GAY this thread is....) lol
  4. ninabi

    ninabi Member

    I dont know...but how many of you ladies are into anal sex? too taboo?
  5. Battering_Ram

    Battering_Ram Member

    I butt rubs

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