Sex partners of the past?

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by z. beeblebrox, Jan 9, 2014.

  1. In between my first boyfriend (10 years) and my husband (35 years and counting) I had a promiscuous phase.

    A few encounters were memorable for various reasons. Most of the rest are forgotten. I don't have a count.
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  2. lapush

    lapush Members

    That would be impossible. My first wife fixed me up with her girlfriends and people she worked with. I knew something was up when she slept on the couch. I wonder if she was peeking?
    She also got stuck changing the sheets. This went on for about fifteen years and was all bareback. She also got her share when I was away on business I found out later.. We divorced not because of this.
  3. Barry Mandelay

    Barry Mandelay Members

    To tell the truth I have kept a journal of my encounters the last few years. I only started this after we agreed that I could enjoy sex with other women. Since my sex life before marriage was with just a few women it was easy to remember them. Most of our married life was monogamous. A few years ago I ventured outside our marriage for sex that couldn't be had within it. I make notes of sex partners that I've been with so I can remember the fun I have had. Some have been one time flings and some have been, as the OP suggested, "lovers". I consider a "lover" as a sex partner with whom I formed somewhat of a common interest with while having sex multiple times over. Although I only allow the relationship to be about sex they have been very enjoyable affairs that I want to remember.
  4. Romper

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    I find that sex is so intimate of an act that I don't want to forget any of them, so I keep a list of names. They are special.

    After our divorce my ex had periods of promiscuity. I was her first and was surprised at how she had loosened up. We were still having sex with each other during these periods, and she would tell me about them. I started keeping a list for her as I knew she would forget otherwise. Some of them she said she wanted to forget. She remarried about 20 years ago and has been faithful to her husband during her marriage. We did it once after she started having sex with him—she fucked him on the first date, which was normal for her—but we stopped after she started getting serious about him.

    We are still close friends, but not intimate. We both enjoy talking about her prior exploits. It turns both of us on to remember her slut days. I have added an additional 15 names after mine. She says there could be others she neglected to tell me about, but she thinks I have all of them.
  5. lapush

    lapush Members

    A girl once told me if I wanted more to keep my mouth shut.
    Some girls are kind of sneaky, they prowl around in the shadows and keep an eye on you years later but will not identify themselves.
    Hell, they could call me and ask... <snicker>
  6. granite45

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    As in LaPush of the WA coast?
  7. olderndirt

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    My wife had a few sex partners while were in different colleges and I only saw her once or twice a month. She has told me about those who had sex with her several times. Recently, I asked if she had any one-time sex with any of her dates. She said, "Oh yeah, I forgot about them." They must not have made much of an impression because she couldn't remember their names.
  8. Romper

    Romper Members

    There is just something special about a wife who had one night stands and now can't remember her partners' names. I find that arousing. My ex is like that. She remembers the circumstances of all of them, but just not all of their names. We both get turned on talking about her prior conquests.
  9. olderndirt

    olderndirt Members

    Both uf us get turned on by her stories. I'm glad she is willing to tell me about her experiences.
  10. Joboo6

    Joboo6 Members

    Funny that I can remember really good BJ’s more easily than intercourse partners. I’ve had sex with somewhere between 80 to 100 women but I remember blowjobs from 4 people that were out of this world. Funny part is my wife used it in foreplay and wouldn’t ever just blow me till I came. I teased her one night saying how many other guys have cum in your mouth and I never have. Ten minutes later she gave me blowjob that put her in that top 4, only one made me cum faster. All I could think after was that she had sucked someone’s dick A lot or had sucked a lot of cocks to learn how to get it done. The words of a stripper that used to blow me, one of the top four. “ I love sucking dick but sometimes I’m just not in the mood so I go right to how I make them cum to get it over with.”
    I ended up asking my wife about it at a later date, telling her that the vast majority of blowjobs I’ve had I was never close to cumming, only a few had made me cum and they were very experienced..
  11. SexiLexi

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    I keep a diary still to write my thoughts and some events in. Still in my 30’s. But I never kept like a tracking sheet for how many men and women I’ve been with. Lol. I don’t judge to who does. I’ve lived and still live a busy sexual life. The last thing I want to do is keep track. Lol. I do have some diary’s that I’ve written of old boy friends and a girlfriend. But that was because of the event I was attending including them. I’m a widow now but my husband is in a lot of my journals. For obvious reasons. But keeping track of sexual partners. I just don’t want to remember all them. Lol
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  12. Funfungirl

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    I remember how many I have had sexual encounters with, yes.
  13. old dr young

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    I find the ones worth remembering don't need a written record.
  14. Well, during my slut phase I had a bunch of one night stands where I don't remember the men's names. In one case (the parking lot encounter) we didn't even exchange names.

    Basically, when we went from the bar to the bedroom (or parking lot) the names are forgotten. If there was some longevity (weeks as least) I probably remember them.

    I shared ALL the detail of these encounters with my husband when we started dating. He definitely found it arousing, and he admitted using it for masturbation visualizations on the nights we were not together then.
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  15. Romper

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    I would find it arousing as well.
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  16. sara2001

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    a girlfriend from high school was sleeping with me regularly before my hubby arrived and she is in a lesbian relationship now but she french kissed me in december last year!
  17. old dr young

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    Sounds like this thread needs to be renamed former sex partners of the future!

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