Sex on a Nudist Beach, it is ever acceptable?

Discussion in 'Nudism, Naturism' started by HotIrishCouple, Oct 10, 2013.

  1. Ok I accept that most nudists aren't there for any type of sexual activity, but would it be right in saying that sex in sand dunes is normal enough on beaches which are not family type nudist beaches?

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    Methinks You Meant To Say, Is It Ever Acceptable...:).???

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  3. Yes, maybe you are correct, maybe?:afro:

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  5. RIPTIDE59

    RIPTIDE59 Banned

    To answer , YES. Find an uninhibited location and away you go. If a tree falls and no one is their to witness ; did the people have sex? Really? Morning , Glen!!!!
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  7. freecospirit

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    The answer has to be very qualified yes. The legal issue in virtually all countries is that sex must always be performed in private. By private we essentially mean where you are not seen. Certainly having sex outdoors in the open air does have that something extra to make it special and if a part of a beach is completely deserted then why not? There is however always a chance that you might just get caught so care is essential.
  8. pensfan13

    pensfan13 Senior Member

    Its no different to me then on a regular beach. The only difference is nude beaches by design are a little more out of the way.than a regular beach.
  9. Ok, well we are going to Tenerife soon, and it is our intent to visit the nudist beaches, partially for the nudist experience but also for the open air sex experience.

    If we were to be followed into the sand dunes by a voyeur or 3, that would add to the experience also ( as long as they didn't try to join in directly that is, well? ).
  10. GardenGuy

    GardenGuy Senior Member

    Public sex? That's all the excuse the prudes need to shut down a beach, so nudists often call the cops to have anyone arrested who is engaged in public sex. Let them have sex on a textile beach and maybe they will outlaw bathing suits instead of outlawing nudity.

    Around here it is a crime to walk on the dunes, because they protect coastal areas from storms and people would trample the vegetation (with their feet or their butts if they are bumping and grinding in the sand).
  11. loveromance

    loveromance Member

    of course not,
  12. nisei_girl

    nisei_girl Member

    I assume that the question has be answered. I have seen open sex, petting, oral etc on public beaches before. Most times it has been done with some discretion. What I find crazy, is that many times there are families around and no ever says anything about it or in one case the parents ignored their ten year old girl as she watched. WHAT GIVES.
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  13. GardenGuy

    GardenGuy Senior Member

    If there are no consequences, people tend to continue rude behavior.
    From your words, I gather that you would speak up or get someone to stop lewd behavior. Now we just need more people like that!
  14. RIPTIDE59

    RIPTIDE59 Banned

    LOL. How is that rude? Don't look. I just returned from a beautiful afternoon at Playalinda. Very crowded. Amazing. The clear , refreshing , central Fl. autumn being at it's peak. Brings many nudists and wannabes to the surface ; saw a woman masturbating. Nice. Offensive to you? Maybe a textile beach is better ?
  15. GardenGuy

    GardenGuy Senior Member

    Yeah, let her go to a textile beach instead of giving the county an excuse to crack down on nudity.
  16. RIPTIDE59

    RIPTIDE59 Banned

    I meant for the upset onlooker. What do you think would be wrong with what this lady did in an adult environment? She had a wonderful physique.
  17. That's a very naive attitude. Every society has activities that it declares cannot be done in public.

    If that's offensive to you, maybe you should go somewhere else yourself.
  18. If no one sees you why the hell not
  19. pensfan13

    pensfan13 Senior Member

    i would agree except for one problem, nude beaches are not supposed to be an adult environment, they are supposed to be family friendly. which is the reason me thinks why nude beaches have trouble getting and keeping traction. people cant seem to get their head around the idea that people being nude at the beach is natural. but having to see porn while on the beach is a bit creepy.
  20. Amontillado

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    I agree with the people who've said sex on a nude beach is a bad thing. There's a long list of places that have been closed to nudity because of sex--Holkham Beach in England was the latest, though that may have been reversed, and there was Mazo in Wisconsin just this year (though that one was just closed on weekdays), and a while ago it was San Onofre in California. And yet there are people still saying sex on the beach is somehow OK! Well, they can go on having their fun as long as there are any nude beaches left.

    One thing that happens is that once a place gets a reputation for sexual activity, people won't take their kids there any more. And once the "family" atmosphere is gone, the inhibitions against sex go to an even lower level. So the authorities step in and say the way to stop the place being a sex hangout is to ban nudity, which may be effective or may not, but by that time there aren't many supporters left who are willing to speak up in public. It's sad, but it happens over and over.

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