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Discussion in 'Sexual Health' started by irishfairy, Jun 24, 2006.

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    hey all i didnt know where else to post this so here i go. I am 20 years old and my fiance is 27 we have been together for 3 years now and we have a 15 month old baby boy. here is the problem/s one my fiance went to the doctors a couple months ago and they discovered that he had fluid in his testicles and due to that he would have major pain whenever he moved or ejaculated. well I guess that he got used to the pain or whatever cuz we still had sex.
    When we do have sex i feel no connection between us there is no emotion no intensity no spark. He just cums cleans up and goes to sleep. He and i have sat and talked about why he doesnt go down on me why he doesnt do really anything and he has said that it is just disgusting and i understand that he has phobias but this is just ridiculus.he has said the reason why we dont have sex as much is cuz he knows that he can have it when he wants and he obviusly doesnt get horny more than once every 4 months. He tells me he wants me to play hard to get i do and then he takes as me being a bitch or in a bad mood or whatever.

    Problem number two i dont enjoy sex as much as i used to. We used to have sex two or three times a day then it went to once a week and then once every 4 months (when i was pregnant) and when i ay sex that is it just him putting his cock in me nothing else no foreplay no kissing no nothing for me but i would be more than happy to suck his dick or give him a full body massage or whatever he asked for (hell he didnt even need to ask). Even if i asked him to do anything he would for like two seconds then stop. I havent orgasmed in months and i havent gotten my pussy licked in 3 in half years. I have tried using a vibrator and i could reach climax but then the vibrator didnt get me off any more. now i am just wondering why bother with sex i dont enjoy it i get no variety even if i ask for it.
    We talk and i guess it goes through one ear and out the other with him when we talk about our problems thats it he talks and he doesnt try to improve or nothing. Oh also another problem he has is that he cant have sex while people in the house even if we are inour room and very quiet. We live with three other people his mom ( she has the entire upstairs toherself), his friend that had gotten ran over a month ago by his ex and had no place to go, his female friend that just finished chemo for breast cancer 2 months ago and got kicked out of her place and was going to move back with her parents now her parents dont want anything to do with her. what should i do should we go to a sex therapist should i find someone on the side What the hell am i to do.
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    Thats life for ya. Sex gets old.
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    His fluid isn't much of a problem, but may cause him to wanna lay off sex. However, you seem to have gotten the bad end of the relationship. If he won't get with a program and pleasure you with attention, sex, and love - dump him while you're still young and attractive. It'll be better for the kid in a loving relationship rather than this one which sounds cold and heartless. Stay in it and you're doomed to a long life just like this (ugh!)
    How do you know he went to doctor? See him go in, did you? What the doc said, or he said the doc said looking for ways out of sex. Any chance he's gay? Sounds like it. You're just starting life, he sounds like he's over it. Wise up, my dear! He's finished. Move on, please, for your boy and you. Us guys who like girls are out here come find one of us.
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  5. irishfairy

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    i know that he went to the doctor because i took him and i sat inthe waiting room and then i talked to the doctor and asked what was wrong. and there is no way in hell he is gay (even though it could explain alot) he is very homophobic and he beleives that it is a sin to be gay and all that horse crap.

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