sewing a long sleeved shirt

Discussion in 'Fashion and Crafts' started by kayte, Jan 19, 2005.

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    i just don't get it. i've tried patterns. i've tried tracing a shirt. nothing works. i am confused by the patterns, although i've conquered pants, skirts, even sleeveless...tracing the shirt led to really bunched up armpit area. i messed up all this nice fabric. poo. i know there's gotta, just gotta be a simple way to make a simple shirt! any advice welcome...
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    Buy a cheap shirt, unpick all the seams and use the seperate pieces for guides :)
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    to make your first shirt, i would reccommend using a pattern. the armpit area has to be just right. for a simple shirt you'll have 4 pieces: front, back, and two sleeves. start by sewing the shoulder seams of the front and back together. then pin the sleeves onto that piece, making sure everything is lined up nicely, and sew it on. then turn it inside out and sew the whole side seam from sleeve hem to bottom hem. you may have to clip the underarm seam to get it to lay right. also, always press each seam after you sew it--this can make a world of difference. hope this helps. don't give up, you'll get it.

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