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    As we get older, it's important to maintain our lifestyles, safety and independance. The right home furniture and interior design decisions will go a long way towards helping seniors accomplish all three of these goals.

    If you are adjusting your own home to meet changing needs and abilities, or a elderly person is living with you, useful home ideas can help make a living space more senior-friendly.

    Here are some helpful tips:

    Easy Bedtime Access: Choose a bed that offers easy access(onto and off) along with appropriate support and comfort.

    Clear a Pathway: Clear away articles, cords, personal effects, plants, magazine racks, that clutter pathways or require individuals to walk around them. Accommodate wheelchairs or walkers by allowing at least 36 inches between objects.

    Light: Ease the strain on older eyes with plenty of lighting options. Let the sunshine in, which is a excellent source of natural lighting. Give extra regard to spaces used for reading and hobbies. Use wall switches at room entry points to control lighting.

    Working in the Kitchen: Create a comfortable work area for food preparation tasks. A small table and chair in a suitable location, within the kitchen, with easy access to utensils and the sink is a good solution.

    Support at Dinner: Consider investing in dining chairs that provide good back support and have strong, sturdy arms. Seat cushioning adds comfort, but should be securely fitted to the chair.

    Easy Storage: Provide adequate, easily accessible storage that doesn’t require reaching, bending or straining. Choose dressers and wardrobes with large handles that don’t require fine finger dexterity.

    Bathrooms: Handrails in the shower or tub make it easier to get in and out and also gives the senior something to hold onto in case they should feel unsteady while bathing. A bath seat can allow a senior to sit while showering.

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