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Discussion in 'Rainbow Family' started by HillbillyAnn, Jun 28, 2006.

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    [font=&quot]Can't be at Nationals this year. Moved my parents in with me when they got sick, Mom with cancer and Dad with dementia. They both died a few months apart and honestly I really need my rainbow family more this year than ever. But with paying all their med and burial bills and such, this will not be my year to be with the tribe.
    I am disappointed but not devastated because I am going to focus on sending out my heartfelt prayers of peace, calmness, love, and joy to my family gathered in
    Every day I am going to stop and offer up praise for my family and the gathering.
    It makes me not miss it so much this year :)

    Love to all my brothers and what you want to see in others.
    Have a great time and take lots of pictures!!!!

    HillbillyAnn just working and hanging out…….!

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