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    You can be anything you want to be
    As long as it was what I want you to be.
    Got it? Does that make perfect sense?
    You can’t be a actor. You can’t be a painter. You can’t be a poet
    But what you can be is a doctor or a lawyer or a scientist
    Just like everyone else in this family
    Right. . Just like everyone else in the Jewish stereotype.

    You were given the freedom to express yourself through art
    But you don’t need to make it your life
    How about we just keep it as a past time
    You were brought up with an honors education
    Got into college on a scholarship that you blew
    You’re dreams of going to law school were pushed aside for what
    The theatre?
    No sorry .. That was your dream. . Not mine

    You were raised on the Beatles, Dylan and the Dead
    But that doesn’t mean that 21 years later you still need to look the part
    And what this talk about possibly getting dreads
    You were instilled with the ideas of peace and love
    Told stories of sit ins and riots and fights in the streets
    But do you really need to go out there and start a revolution
    Do you really have to fight for the cause
    I thought that me telling you the stories would get it of your system
    Remember do as I say not as I do

    I pierced your ears when you were 7
    I thought that that was where it would end
    Not 18 holes later. . But at least their all in your head
    And at least you kept one part of your faith
    You don’t have any tattoos
    But where is that Jewish boy you need to be bringing home
    Not the gentile one I saw you with yesterday

    You know
    You’re right.
    You taught me to stand up and fight for what I believe in
    You gave the freedom to be myself
    You gave me the space I needed to learn and to grow
    With your love and your words and your hands
    You molded me into who I am today
    If you gave me a chance
    If you read what I had to say
    If you saw what I did on stage
    If you looked at the picture I painted for you
    You would see
    I’m exactly who you wanted me to be
    In a way I’m just like you

    I am my mother's daughter
    I like the outdoors and camping
    I'm resourceful
    I like to make things with my hands
    everything but clean (thats how we differ)
    yet I am nothing like who she thought I would become

    I look just like my father.
    same facial features
    same curly hair (when he had hair)
    I'm jewish.
    I keep kosher
    but I'm not a fanatic with it like he would want

    I drink like my dad (too often and too much)
    I have depression like my father
    I love like my mother
    I take his abuse like my mother
    yet am I really like them?

    I do drugs (which dad only claims to have tried and mom never did)
    I like cars, and trucks, and shows
    I'm artistic.
    I draw
    I color
    I paint
    I write
    I act and I dance
    (neither of them do any of that)

    I don't really care about politics
    but I feel very strong on certain issues
    I don't want to be a doctor or a lawyer when I grow up
    I don't want to grow up

    I'm a klutz like my mother
    I love music like my father
    I love to read like my mother
    yet I'm lazy like my father
    I like to help others like my mother
    but I'm very stubborn like my dad

    I guess when I begin to forget who I am
    question what I'm becoming
    I have to look in the last place I ever thought to look
    . . at my parents
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    Wow. Cool reflections.
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    I had thought to ask you if it was a reflection of your own face that you saw when you looked into the gene pool, but nixed it as being too smartass.

    Oooops...I said it anyway.

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