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Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by toastacidblocks, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. You know how people have insight into they are as a person on acid, and self-discovery and other stuff. I been thinking that since i started smoking weed 2 years ago that I have had that "self revelation" (who i am in contrast to society and stuff like that) over a slightly longer period. and because i do mushrooms a lot. And I’ve done ecstasy, then when I could finally get it, acid. On acid it was the same as it normally is, but deeper.

    Anyone think anything of this?

  2. desert nightmare

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  3. Hemisphere

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    Makes a lot of sense to me.

    Psychedelics are just another way for people to find a sense of self, and discover their true identity.

    Mix them with socialising, education, art, travel, and religion (optional), and you've got the basis for a smart, interesting, and well rounded human being :)

    Good luck with life Toasted!
  4. NickWhat

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    haha, those replies were hilarious, though I will not follow suit! :p

    I do agree, acid makes you think deeper than you ever will sober!
  5. hahahaha toasted life..
  6. Sobriety is the toast. LSD is the butter that makes the toast taste good.
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    Nice sig "toastacidblocks"... pink elephants. Never saw a full sheet of them, but my friend had a couple of big blocks like 30-40 each about a year ago. I don't remember which one I ate, but I liked the ones with the pyramid.
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    Self discovery is when you realize that your self is not entirley and permanatley contained within your physical body. Any other "kind" of self-discovery is purely egocentric, and imo, is defeating the typically approached purpose of taking the substance in the first place :)
  9. last summer some guy offered me acid from a sheet called "golden orbs" i hadent tried acid yet and reallly really wanted to, but i just had gave him money to buy me beer.... he told me to meet him at the ADDICTIONS FOUNDATION building later in the day...fuck that...

    but i regret it now, casue he explained what was on the sheet and not into acid yet i didnt think alot of it except "wow once i do acid I'll really appreciate that"...

    ........finding yourself is finding out and realising who you are in contrast to your own life..... and all the factors surrounding it, i havent quite pieced it together yet it if even makes sense...:D

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