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    for those of you who enjoyed reading "desert eye" you might like this one as well. it is a list of things i saw while driving through the desert

    i saw

    a witch and her assistant performing spells

    tall strangers standing next to eachother who will never meet

    a lone hitch hiker in a field of blindness

    commercialized christ stretching across vast expanses of land and sea

    everything in disarray leading to mysticism

    a past oasis drowned in heat

    a drifter seeking belonging

    dead scattered soldiers maintaing position

    floating shelter flying toward or away

    unidentifiable creatures hidden in absent mist

    caged love transformed into loving death

    island pathways marked by the slightly more alive

    cities of scattered homes with nowhere to live

    lakes of heat and pools of death hovering above and around everything

    interferance disguiased as a guide

    filthy human profiteers to destroy what few living know

    a militia wide but unfortunately conquerable

    neighboors who see the death but are restrained by the enemy

    indigenous rituals of hope and protection

    spears driven into the mother by enemy forces

    robotic guards to maintain enemy order

    victory over a single dwelling

    demons rising and falling as they see fit

    advertized murder

    desert spies lined along enemy encampments

    a war that the good might never win

    though dispite it all i saw a few attempts at cooperation.

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