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Discussion in 'Dutch' started by pixie123, Apr 28, 2007.

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    Let's introduce you to the issue I am currently encountering. I live in Newcastle and my school has set up the exchange student thing and I'm going to attend a dutch school. I wholeheartedly want to develop my dutch although I am dreadful at it.

    Having said that, I am being given the choice to pick any dutch-speaking school in Belgium but I've recently been told lots of dialects are spoken. I don't want to learn any dialects, just dutch.

    Whereabouts in Belgium do we speak dutch flawlessly?

    Apart from that, do you think that in 10 months time, I'll be fluent in dutch?

    Thanks for answering my questions,

  2. Nowhere in Belgium do they speak Dutch flawlessly. For one because there is no such thing as flawlessly Dutch. For another because the Belgium 'dialect' is quite different from the 'Queen's Dutch' or 'ABN' or whatever you would call it.

    That said, even in the Netherlands there are so many different dialects. Go to the north and you will most likely pick up one of the northern accents. Go to the south and you will most likely pick up one of the southern accents.
    That said, if you manage to speak ABN (Algemeen Beschaafd Nederlands) most people will understand you.

    And yes, I think in 10 months you will be able to be sufficiently fluent in Dutch if you want to.
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    By the way, my dad told me the best areas to live in are Gent and Brugges. Dunno if it's true, can you name me a few good towns to live in?

  4. In Belgium I assume?
    I have no idea really what are good places to live there. I never lived in Belgium, only visited. And a great place to visit might not be a great place to live in.
  5. pixie123

    pixie123 Member

    Yup, in Belgium. I'm currently checking on the internet.

    If you got any further informations, fill me in.

  6. There are some Belgians on here, I am sure they can help you out.
    All I can say is do NOT go to Antwerp. ;)

    I specifically like the Ardennes area though.
  7. pixie123

    pixie123 Member

    Is there any perky belgian bloke willing to answer my questions?

    It's pretty important guys,



    PSYCHEDELICA MAN The psychman

    gent and leuven are great places if you are a student,other good places:hasselt,brugge or the belgian coast
  9. pixie123

    pixie123 Member

  10. But if you want to learn the Dutch language, why don't you just come to Holland?
    I think Dutch is very different to Belgian-dutch....
    But if that's what you want, Belgium is a great country!
  11. pixie123

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    I just can't go to Holland because I haven't been given a grant to study there. I'm pretty sure it's a really wicked country but unfortunately I'll have to stick to the rules and go to Belgium instead. I know how intelligent people are in Holland and it would actually have been so much fun to sit school in Amsterdam and besides that, we all know the best dutch speakers are dutch, not belgian. Though, that's why I asked everyone (despite getting very few answers) to advise me where to study proper dutch.

    I haven't made up my mind yet, I do still not know where I'll be next year but I'm definatly relishing the idea of picking up another language. I can't help asking myself several things and lots of questions are actually going through my mind like " Will I ever speak dutch fluently? ".

    Thus, I now know the best towns to live in are Brugges, Hasselt, Gent and Leuven (as well as the belgian coast but my dad told me I'd tend to speak english or french, which wouldn't be suitable).

    Anyway, your help is relevant.

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  13. pixie123

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  14. WorldPeace

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    hahah I can hardly understand belgian people (and I live in the Netherlands), so if you want to speak flawless dutch you shouldn't go to Belgium ;).
  15. Neo-hippie

    Neo-hippie Member

    Right, you don't go to Ireland to learn Scottish do you?;)
  16. pixie123

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    I think Belgium will just be the starting point, you know, the first step is only down to feeling the language. I will then be able to speak it and write it. By the way, I've learnt some dutch through the internet, can any of you tell me if it is good?


    Vandaag ben ik droevig. Mijn vader zag dat ik niet naar Liverpool zal gaan omdat er te veel problemen met mijn moeder zijn en dus kan ik niet vertrekken. Ik heb niet veel gedaan want ik voel me niet goed maar ik heb al mijn woordenschat gestudeerd omdat ik mijn nederlands wil verbeteren.

    Ik hoop op je reactie...
  17. Neo-hippie

    Neo-hippie Member

    That was Flawless, well done!

    keep at it.

    My comment was just a joke, don't let it dis encourage you.
    peace dude

    PSYCHEDELICA MAN The psychman

  19. pixie123

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    Ik zoek naar universiteit / hogere school waarin ik talen kan leren maar ik weet niet wat ik kan schrijven (op google) om de universeit te vinden, kan u me helpen?

    PSYCHEDELICA MAN The psychman

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