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  1. I've been wanting to grow my own stuff for a long time now. I just don't have a great place to hide the box, cause I still live with my parents. But has anyone ordered seeds online? Are they reliable?
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    I was thinking about gorwing but I don't know a lot about what I have to do. What kind of light do I have to use? How long do I have to keep that light on the plant? How many seeds do I have to use? What kind of enviorment do I have to keep the plant in? How often do I have to water it? As you can see I am really clueless about growing. haha....

    read some FAQs and tutorials.
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    Type of light is depedent upon finances and circumstance.

    one seed grows one plant.

    The same type of an environment as you find comfortable is good for the plants.

    water to keep it moist, but not wet.
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    Sorry but that made me laugh. Emery seeds are a rip off. I'm not saying SeedsDirect is the best, but they are a hell of a lot better that Emery. I took a look at his prices and all of the Nirvana seeds are $50+ where as the same $50 seeds are like $20 on Seedsdirect. Not only that you get free seeds with every order.

    By the way, you should probably tell your parents that you are growing. Unless you are going to move your plant to the outdo' it will stink up your house.

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    Well I like supporting emmory cause he is a real big Pot activist.
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    I'm a big pot activist too.

    Want to support me?
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    Too funny Geck!
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    Geck,ya always manage to achieve a good laugh!Enjoy the SW party !What will I get from ya for my support?
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    Peace,you should listen and learn from Geck, he is one of a few around here that has enough knowlege to actually learn something from!How many of those seedbanks you mentioned have you actually ordered from to speak of so highly as to post for all without actual knowlege of?

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