Seeds in CA anyone ?

Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by Duncan, May 8, 2004.

  1. Duncan

    Duncan Senior Member Lifetime Supporter

    I'm doing an outdoor garden this year and would welcome some seeds. I don't much care for buying online. I had an excellent strain going until my housemate invited someone over who truly helped himself.

    If there are any good seeds out there and you'd be into selling some, I'd be much obliged :)
  2. TreePhiend

    TreePhiend Member

    How is this diffrent than online buying? I would think this would be more sketchy.
  3. Peace

    Peace In complete harmony.

    Buying online from people is kinda bad. For either the buyer or seller. One of them could be a piggy. If i were you i would just buy some seeds off of www.SeedsDirect.To
  4. garf12

    garf12 Member

  5. Peace

    Peace In complete harmony.

    garf, emery might be good but he gets all of his seeds through other websites. and why pay more when you can get them cheaper from other websites. also if you order from or you get free seeds with every order.
  6. bertrose

    bertrose Member

    just buy some really good pot and pick the seeds from that...
  7. Duncan

    Duncan Senior Member Lifetime Supporter

    This is probably the smartest response yet. Thing is, I only grow the stuff. I don't smoke/use it. So I don't have access to any really good pot.
  8. Peace

    Peace In complete harmony.

    The only thing is, really good pot shouldnt have seeds in it. Unless the grower accidently turned his females hermi
  9. tiedye0420

    tiedye0420 Member

    some growers have been known to breed the nice ones for seedstock, someone with this kinda access would be doing nicely id have to say. L.O.L.

  10. tiedye0420

    tiedye0420 Member

    But dude sorry to hear about the ripoff. People like that suck, like why can't they leave others stuff alone. kharma always prevails though. Like jerry garcia said in a song "if you plant ice, you'll get a harvest wind"

    in other words dude will reap what he sows. But you will be blessed for letting it go and trusting in humanity again.Which you are doing by asking the community for seeds, instead of the seedbanks. Like the seedbanks aren't getting rich enough, they need more customers.L.O.L.

    Like that one company, advertises free seed, no plural. they will send you one free seed if you buy like five or ten seeds. they give you a free seed. no plural. L.O.L. almighty....

    no if your gonna pay good money for seeds- go to reeferman and get a cambodian or chinese indica. something that has been stable for thousands of years is easy to grow.Fuck the hybrids, make your own from landrace strains, from exotic your own seedbank from there on out! L.O.L.
  11. Peace

    Peace In complete harmony.

    mellow out man, dont be saying bad things about the seed banks. thats bad karma to. ive talked to the people at the seed banks. all they are trying to do is get people seeds so they can grow marijuana. like George Washington said "Make the most of the Indian Hemp Seed and sow it everywhere."
  12. tiedye0420

    tiedye0420 Member

    Yeah but i been growing outdoor weed since before the seedbanks existed- they are bastardizing strains with 1,000's of years purebred heirloom family handed down generation to generation heritage.

    and they cross this kinda indica with a sativa for monetary gain.
    Sorry dude that is bad kharma ...Voicing ones opinion is never bad kharma- it is good for the soul.
    Seedbanks are evil and greedy- otherwise they would let normal growers in the cannabis cup- but it is controlled by the seedbanks. DUDE take off those blinders if you think seedbanks give a rats ass.About anything but money.

    No really- I had to edit this. I have given away over five hundred seeds this year. GIVEN AWAY. I am starving to near death, my cats get fed but not me most times. I'll not get any bad kharma from slamming seedganks. They are a ripoff.
    But Im still giving a few to friends that i promised them to.And they are afghani and thai and nlxkush and all kinda good stuff in my magic bag of tricks. im just not promising any more out, im down to my last couple hundred.
    my kharma ,as you put it ,brought me 1200 indica seeds when i lost a few plants last year.So I gave back to the medical community.

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