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Discussion in 'Dreadlocks' started by TheSkaEffect, Jan 16, 2005.

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    How many of you recomend sectioning ur hair with rubberbands before dreading? I'd rather not waste a lot of time doing it unless its nessesary.
  2. Earthy Mama

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    I dont think it matters and plus it seems to just be a hassle. No matter what your hair is going to go where it wants to go. Just try backcombing and seperating them when they all clump together. I never used rubberbands. Who knows, someone else here may have benefits for it.

  3. Gr8fldedhead

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    *my 2 cents* I recomend steering clear of those rubbers, they may be alright at first, but remove them after the dreads start to form. If you don't do this then the hair might grow over the rubberband and you will not be able to take it out without hurting your dread. Hope this helps
    Peace --Matt
  4. Electricbuddha

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    Well, i think i get what your trying to say... you see

    For me I just took random chunks of hair and started dreading them.. but some people like to know what size (generally) there dreads are going to be.
    so they section the hair into circles, cubes, octagons, ect.....

    any ways its fine to use rubber bands.. I did it with one head of dread locks I did, I section her hair off cause she wanted to know how many she was going to have (80) and what size of locks she was going to have...

    If u use elastics improperly then they are no good, there are 2 different useful ways u can use elastics

    Way #1: First section off your hair, then when u dread each dread cut the elastic out before starting.... (so basically the elastics are just for you to know what section your going to be dreading.)

    Way #2: section the hair off and dread the lock with the elastic on the root. then after the dread is done cut the elastic off. (this makes it so u have about half and inch or one inch of un-dreaded root! and your hair will "hang down" from day one)

    Never leave elastics in. they prevent moment of dreading. (though I have used them to connect one or 2 dreaddies in the past)
    But if u don’t care what size or shape your dreads are going to be just grab random sections

    (remember sometimes when u take random chunks at back of your head u can take a little chunk of hair that is far away from the dread root and when it hangs it will pull on that little chunk of hair and cause u pain, so be careful,)
    *** that usually dose not happen to naturally formed locks though***
  5. ArtLoveMusic

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    ummm what he said :p point me typing it all out again really hehe
  6. toolmaggot

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    Well, I didn't use rubberbands to section my hair.. I just kind of parted my hair section by section with the comb (yes, I backcombed my dreads) and then dreaded 'em up.

    Rubberbands, if used properly, are one hell of a lot of help, I think. When I rub my roots and get them good and knotty, I put one kind of snugly (but loose enough to move) on each root. I keep 'em there for a couple of days, they just sort of keep things from going crazy.

    I wouldn't worry about rubberbands getting lost in my dreads... God knows mine have swallowed a couple.
  7. dcdude

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    i know this is an old post - but i just want to chime in in case anyone else is looking for answers, couldnt hurt to bump the thread

    the way i did it is similiar to electric buddhas way #1 - i sectioned half my head and then took each band off and dreaded, but then I used that band on the end which I left on for maybe 3 days and cut off

    i would never suggest using one at teh root however i dont know WHO thought this up but i do not see how it helps at all

    however, in hindsight, i could have gotten away without using bands at all, i did my dreads myself so my sections werent perfectly even(however I really love it this way and suggest it to anyone going for a less "manufactured" look - they each have their own "personality" lol) - so it was really the equivalent of my grabbing like-size sections of hair, dreading it, and moving on

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