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Discussion in 'U.S.A.' started by yovo, Jan 14, 2005.

  1. yovo

    yovo Member

    Good day

    I'm a Canadian lookin to travel south and find some seasonal work in the southern US this summer if possible.

    So if you know of any seasonal work and where to get it in the US, something that pays a decent wage (decent enough to help me through another year of school), and gets me out in the great outdoors I'd apreciate the info.

    I've worked before in agriculture, the outdoors, public works, general joe blow sutff

    Thanks in advance for your help

    peace, namaste
  2. sagebus

    sagebus Member

  3. sagebus

    sagebus Member

  4. freeinalaska

    freeinalaska Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Hey Yovo,

    Don't go south, head north-west. There are tons of seasonal jobs in Alaska. Check out the link sagebus posted and look in resort and lodge jobs. Most don't pay big bucks, but with room and board covered you should be able to save some cash. And as far as the great outdoors....that's what Alaska is about.
  5. yovo

    yovo Member

    I'll check out the link for sure, thanks for the tips guys

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